Borderlands 2 Is Getting Another Dose Of DLC On February 12

It's called "Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre". Then, in April, the game gets "Sir Hammerlock and the Son of Crawmerax", the fifth and final instalment in the Headhunter series.

2K Games has more screens and all of the information here.


    Ugh, really?

      Yeah, I'm pretty much over it. A season pass and a GOTY edition that miss a lot of content

    No thanks, I think everyone is tired of this game now - plz move on & make new games

    My interest in Borderlands 2 finished with the final release of the original season pass' content.

    Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a game have a GOTY edition and then release more DLC after that. It's a bit of a kick in the teeth after buying the GOTY and expecting to get the complete package which is the norm for those editions.

    (And yes, I know it wasn't actually all of the content out there in the GOTY, but I don't think the skins really count as much as the full additional missions and so on, which were included.)

    Last edited 06/02/14 7:16 pm

    Its just adding to an already very very very complete game, nothing wrong with this I reckon

    Gearbox don't seem to understand the concept of a season pass.

      Sure they do. They just think that a game can have more than one season of
      DLC. The season pass specified what it would provide, and was a discount over buying separately.

    Sheesh! For $5 you could do a lot worse in terms of DLC. I never understood the point of buying skins for a FPS perspective game. It's not like you would stare at your toon on the menu screen longer than you would actually need to. But for the mission based DLC, I've never hesitated with buying it for BL2.

    These guys have done a great job keeping an 18 month old game in and out of my rotation...

    why are so many people complaining about a developer for once consistently releasing new content at a reasonable price.

    I thought I was smart getting the GOTY edition. Boy did these greedy fuckers get one over me....

      Yep, them releasing small content packs for a few bucks that you don't need to buy really is ripping you off even tho you cheaped out and got the whole game plus 4 expansions and 2 extra characters for the same or less than the cost of the game at release...

        A great deal less than when it came out. Also no one mentioned anything about being ripped off or needing to buy anything else I am just of the mind that GOTY means everything for a game.

        Now I know soapboxes can make it easy to jump to conclusions but do try to be more careful next time

          My apologies for assuming that by being cheap you felt ripped off by not getting everything. GOTY used to just mean that a game had, somewhere by someone, been voted Game of the Year. How GOTY editions became a title for all DLC inclusive bundles I have no idea but waiting till every tiny piece of DLC is out for a game like BL2 would be a long wait.

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