Brisbane Council Totally Built Brisbane In Minecraft

Brisbane Council Totally Built Brisbane In Minecraft

As if we needed any reminding of how mainstream Minecraft has become, the goddamn Brisbane City Council has only gone and created a to scale version of the city featuring landmarks like the Brisbane River, South Bank lagoon, Brisbane Square, the Story Bridge and the Gabba.

According to the release Brisbane City Council believes the whole project will provide “a number of educational benefits for children from reading, writing, maths, geometry, collaboration and general creativity”.

Early last year Dr Jeff Brand at Bond University encouraged his students to build a version of the University in Minecraft and, after the Queensland floods, actually taught classes in the virtual university.

Yeah, Minecraft is amazing. Even if you don’t play it and have no interest in playing it. It is amazing.

You can find out more about how to download the virtual Minecraft version of Brisbane here.


  • Could be an interesting tourism idea. Build your city in Minecraft, let people come visit and check it out and then they might be more interested in coming to visit irl.

    Or they could just tick your city off as a city they’ve “visited”.

  • Finally a chance to live out every Victorians dream of seeing Brisbane swallowed up by a roiling deluge of molten magma.

    That’s something other people dream about, right?

  • So ummmm… someone was actually paid to do this? This is where my rates money is going? When they’re constantly telling us the state is broke?

    I work for the council but am constantly amazed at how they waste money.

    • It was based off their 3D Model of Brisbane. I’m sure it just took some minor tweaking and some program to convert it to Minecraft.

      Maybe more effort went into it. Who knows.

    • Yeah it kind of annoyed me knowing my missus’s job in child mental health is looking like being axed but they can waste money on this crap.
      I know I know, council and state government are two different things, but they all waste money while important issues are swept under the rug.

      • They didn’t explicitly create the Minecraft map.

        They already had a 3D model of Brisbane, and they must have used some kind of program to convert it to Minecraft blocks. Might have taken some tinkering but it’s not like it was an expensive job. From what I can gather, anyway.

  • It should also help them train their emergency services staff in how to respond to future creeper attacks on the city.

  • But what about the terrorists! Won’t anyone think of the terrorists!
    Isn’t this why some people got in trouble for making subway maps in counterstrike? Because the american government thought terrorists would use them to plan bombings? Congratulations, the australian government has become smarter then the US government, not that that’s saying much.

  • I downloaded this thinking “sweet!I’m going to find my work” expecting streets & buildings & everything in the CBD.
    It has City Hall, 2 gov’t skyscrapers, the Story Bridge, a tiny Southbank Beach, the Ferris Wheel and the Gabba – with *lots* of green space between. Whilst I approve & appreciate the effort, make sure you have your draw distance set to max & start with pretty low expectations.

  • Ok, I downloaded it and had a look. It’s actually pretty crap. Doesn’t look like much work really went into it. It’s a handful of buildings, ages apart built with all the attention of an hungry possum.
    I floated around for a while and found three buildings, if you can call them that. Covered one in lava, got bored, quit. I don’t see how it’s going to be of any value to anyone.

  • A company I worked for several years ago was in the process of building a 3d map of Brisbane in 3d Studio Max. It was quite impressive. We were building it so there could be a visualization of what the new bus ways would look like and where they would go/fit in with the existing infrastructure! Doubt it’ll ever see the public eye though, which is a shame, cos there was a LOT of work in it!

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