Buy Engagement Ring, Get... Xbox One Console

Buy Engagement Ring, Get...Xbox One Console

Ladies, answer me this: Would you be cool knowing that one of the most important decisions (and purchases) in your man's life had been influenced by the promise of a free video game console?

Jewellery chain Perrywinkles must think so, because they've got a deal where the purchase of engagement ring also gets you an Xbox One.

This is not an Onion article.

Free Xbox One [Perrywinkles, via NeoGAF]

Buy Engagement Ring, Get...Xbox One Console


    Well at least it's not codescendingly assuming that anyone who plays video games must still be single.

      And you get something moderately useful when you spend way too much money on a sparkly pebble

    On today's episode of "what you saw on reddit yesterday"......

    I got an XB1 as an engagement present from my fiancée, so not too different?


    I paid thousands of dollars at the jewellery store, and all I got was an engagement ring >=

    Doh wheres the nearest pinkywrinkle store and whats their cheapest item :P

    "Luke Plunkett wrote a thing mildly generalizing someone... And not everyone is happy."

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