Can't Get Over Andy Dwyer Playing Peter Quill In Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Can't get over Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer playing the buff Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy? You are not alone.

YouTuber AwesomenessX put together this little video to help fans of both properties cope.


    Wtf, youtube is just showing a black box for me, I can see the ui and get sounds but nothing else. I have tried other sites and their streams are fine.

    Get ready for Paul Rudd as ant man!

    For the comedic angle Marvel seem to be pursuing for TGOTG He's the perfect match, funny, has a 6-pack that rivals Thor's and is well known but cheap, they don;t want another RDJ charging $100 million a movie.

      I don't think RDJ charges 100 mil per movie. I think he's just smart enough to know that Iron Man etc was gonna be a success so he took less upfront cash, but has a cut of the profits. Hence 100m+

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