Cat Heads Make Gay Anime Love Scene Hilarious

Cat Heads Make Gay Anime Love Scene Hilarious

Late last year, the people over at Manga Entertainment started putting out a series of animated shorts where they take a clip of an anime and replace the characters' heads (and sometimes bodies) with those of cats.

The latest of these "ANIMEOW" videos uses footage from homosexual love story anime Junjo Romantica — and really makes for an awkwardly hilarious watch. I must say I never expected to see grumpy cat feel up some guy.

The other two ANIMEOW videos add cats to a scene from Street Fighter Alpha and Dirty Pair, respectively. The Dirty Pair one with its cat with a human head is equal parts funny and nightmare-inducing — and easily my favourite of the bunch.

Check out all of Manga Entertainment's videos at its YouTube page.

[ANIMEOW, A Video Series Featuring Silly Cat Images Inserted Into Anime] Laughing Squid


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