Check Out This Amazing Warhammer 40K Collection From Korea

Check Out This Amazing Warhammer 40K Collection From Korea

This is what a 700-piece Warhammer 40K (also known as Warhammer $40K) set looks like, all painted carefully by hand. The owner of the collection, a Korean Warhammer enthusiast, probably went through lots of pain to complete this set, but it’s definitely worth all the time and money. It looks incredible.

Here’s a whole gallery of the collection. Take a look:

Warhammer 40K [5년간 만든 700개의 워해머 40k 모델들, via imgur]


  • I’m impressed! It’s not every day I see images of a collection larger than mine :S

    Unlike mine however, these are all painted. Bravo….bravo!

    • I’m wondering how he managed to order them in within a costly manner considering GW are severing all retailer ties.

      • Frankly, I’d like to know what GW will do once 3D printers become a bit more precise and accessible to average joes. Charging $20 for a pewter figurine or $40 for a tray of plastic ones doesn’t seem like a sustainable business model.

        • Didn’t you hear they have a new business model now. Replace the metal minis with poorly made resin ones and charge the same price.

          • The cheap resin ones are very good quality, you can’t tell the difference if you clean it up and fix the occasional bubble hole

          • What cheap resin ones? Cheap is just not a word I associate with Gdub.

            Unless you mean the Russian knockoffs all over ebay.

          • Mine came from china at a third of the price and not from eBay as ebays starting bid prices were what I paid anyway

            I only got a couple for curiosity just to check out the quality, I don’t collect figures anymore.

        • I had to bow out of 40k a few years ago now because the price just got bat shit insane. With 3d printers I plan on coming back to the game. I do a lot of 3d work, so I can’t wait to create a unique army that only I will have.

          Gamesworkshop has spent recent years treat their loyal customers like trash, trying to squeeze every last dollar they can before the inevitable crash of the company.

          • Aussie prices are ridiculous.

            And with GW forbidding retailers (online or otherwise) from selling to other regions, we have no cheaper alternative to the rippoff price.

          • Yeah you do, there are heaps of new games out there that are just as awesome, warmachine, dust, hordes, starwars etc.

          • It depends on the person… I’ve seen those and I think they are either uninteresting or plain suck. So for me, until I see new companies produce something else, it really will be as cbrate says.

          • You should walk into your local Games shop and ask for a demo game of Warmachine and Hordes. The two seperate gametypes set in the Iron Kingdoms universe by Privateer Press that are perfectly compatible with other and doesn’t seperate players wanting to play two different games!

          • Dystopian Wars is the tits. Fast, cheap and Australia is one of the most competitive fleets in the game. Check it out.

          • Good idea.
            Even before 3D printing I used to buy good cheap sets and then use all sorts of crap to personalise my army.
            Make a tank out of a cheap WWII model and spare parts to make it seem authentic.

            With such high costs they need to remember that people could just as easily use various sized stones and the rules/stats printed off the internet. They need to meet half way

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