Classic Mickey Mouse Remastered. Sort Of.

Classic Mickey Mouse Remastered. Sort Of.

Here's YouTuber Really3D with his take on Mickey Mouse. This basically amounts to a hilarious attempt to remaster Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse's first appearance in glorious 3D.

Realistic? Superior to the original? No, not really. Is this the scariest thing I've ever seen? Yes.

Here's the full clip:

Mickey Mouse (1928) Remastered [YouTube]

Picture: Really3D/Tumblr


    Wow. Such garbage. Much bad.

    If anything, this proves to me that no matter what you do, no matter what skills you have, just make anything and some jerk somewhere will post it around.

    Eh. Steamboat Willie got remastered at the beginning of Frozen... more or less. It was fantastic :D

      I'd go see it just for that alone!

      A lot of people don't give enough recognition for how a big a deal Steamboat Willie was/is in the history of cinema!

        Oh it was great. It's called 'Get a horse!' A mix of 2d and 3d animation. Mickey has to rescue Minnie from Pete and ends up running through the Barnyard gang on the back of a wheat truck, then he's in Steamboat willie for a minute or so, then he gets out into the 'real' world where it's 3d and Petes in the 2d world. It was *fantastic*. A brilliant addition to the Disney archives. I hope they keep making them that quality. Oh and he was OLD OLD OLD style Mickey, not new Mickey :D

        Last edited 18/02/14 10:33 pm

          ooohhh nice. I'll see about picking it up on bluray when it comes out [I dont think its out at the cinemas any more]


            Thats a cam version from the cinema, gives you a good idea of it. But Im buying it too, its worth it.

      Steamboat Willie was re-mastered (if you want to call it that) for the Walt Disney Animation Studios title screen. 'Get a Horse' with Frozen was an original thing, only based off the idea of the old Mickie Mouse cartoons like Steamboat Willie.

    Um ok, that's pretty scary+bad.

    Duuuuuuudeee, check out these craaaaazy skillz.

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