The Xbox One Can Stream Games Via Twitch Starting In March

The Xbox One Can Stream Games Via Twitch Starting In March
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Next month, an update will bring the popular Twitch video game broadcasting service to the Xbox One in a way that home consoles have never seen before. It will launch on March 11, just in time for Titanfall.

According to AP, the update will allow Xbox One the ability to live stream games via Twitch as well as start live broadcasts through voice commands. What’s more, the Xbox One app will feature Twitch’s chat features and allow user to broadcast via Kinect.

UPDATE: More details from Microsoft:

  • To start streaming with Kinect, you’ll say “Xbox, broadcast. (You can also use button commands). To stop streaming, you can say “Stop broadcast” or “Xbox, stop broadcast.
  • You can send ask to join a game that’s being broadcast if it’s coming from an Xbox One and you’re on an Xbox One.
  • You can view streams from any system. In a press release this morning, Microsoft mentioned the following examples as options: “Titanfall (Xbox One), Minecraft (Xbox 360), Star Craft II (PC), Uncharted (PS4) — watch all the games you want to watch on Xbox One.”


“It’s complete integration,” Emmett Shear, co-founder and CEO of Twitch, is quoted as saying. “It’s exciting because we’ve never had the ability to broadcast from a console like this with such a deep level of integration. The concept of being able to join a broadcasters’ party is really cool, and it’s another step in the direction of interacting more closely with broadcasters.”

Unlike the PS4 Twitch app, which was put together by Sony, the Xbox One app was created by Twitch. Also, unlike the PS4 Twitch app, the Xbox One app will allow users to broadcast to and view from any device — including, the PS4.

“This will open up the social aspect of Xbox One in a new way,” said Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi. “The community of Twitch is huge, and this allows us to type into that, and frankly do something that’s never been done before on consoles. You’ll be able to broadcast to any device and consume anyone’s broadcast from any device. It’s a console experience unique to the Xbox One.”

The update will hit on 11 March 2014.



  • So attempting to copy functionality already prebuilt in to the PS4 OS?

    Also, this reads like a press release, not an article.

    • Microsoft announced integrated Twitch streaming for the Xbox One two months before Sony announced it for the PS4…

    • Copy functionality already pre built you say?

      “However, the PS4 version of Twitch — which Shear noted was crafted by Sony, not Twitch — only permits PS4 users to spectate other PS4s and doesn’t allow them to easily connect.”

      *Instantly live broadcast your games by simply speaking “Xbox, Broadcast”, or launch from within the Twitch app for Xbox One.
      *Position the webcam PIP in any corner of the screen to best fit your game.
      *Interact with broadcasters using the most lines of chat available on a console.
      *Your Xbox friends are notified when you go live.
      Viewing and Chatting

      *View live gameplay from any Twitch source: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, etc.
      *Get notifications when your favorite gamers are broadcasting so you never miss a minute.
      *For Xbox One broadcasts, you can view the broadcaster’s Xbox Live profile and send them a party request and join their game.
      *See which Xbox Live friends are broadcasting and what they’re broadcasting.
      *Partake in the chat experience, including using your subscription-based emotes and chat badges.
      *Turbo subscribers get an ad-free experience.

    • it will be available but you just try and stream live with our awesome internet. Apparently a minimum upload connection required for a watchable stream is about 1mbps (APPROX) this is just watchable, not a good stream

      I don’t know about you but my upload is about .7mbps

      even my mate has an amazing 30 mbps down but his upload is still just below 1mbps. I love Aussie internet

  • Unless you’re on a fibre optic connection in Australia, I’d forget about using this to stream your gaming. Australian networks are NOT twitch friendly – at all.

    Got a number of friends using twitch on PC and when they try and stream on anything less than Fibre, the experience is painful to watch.

    This will be great for US based, Asian and some Euro players with proper internet infrastructure. But for Australians? Forget it!

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