Conan O'Brien's Biggest Blunder: Mispronouncing Admiral Ackbar

If you've ever wondered how to pronounce Admiral Ackbar's name properly, here's a fan giving a hard-boiled lecture to Conan, who accidentally mispronounced it. This is serious Star Wars business.

No, this is not a trap.

Fan Correction: Admiral Ackbar Isn't Pronounced Like That! [Team Coco, YouTube]


    The crowd was laughing at this dude like he was some super nerd, When he was really just pointing out general star wars knowledge that half the audience would have known. I enjoyed the end bit though. Also... is George Lucas' vision of star wars considered canon now that hes sold it?

    Last edited 20/02/14 7:08 pm

    The "2011 The Star Wars Complete Saga Blu-Ray Edition" is hilarious.

    Having the youtube pic with the play button makes me angry.

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