Convenience Store Controversy Leads To Oddly Profound Internet Meme

Convenience Store Controversy Leads To Oddly Profound Internet Meme

A Japanese convenience store chain shelved plans for a foie gras boxed lunch after animal rights activists complained. The whole thing has even spawned an internet meme.

Non-profit group Animal Rights Center created the following image to raise awareness about animal rights. The image is still currently on its Hope for Animals website. Have a look:

This week, a Twitter hashtag, parodying the image, popped up with folks creating their own take on the image. Many of the images have nothing to do with animal rights directly, but rather, are anime and video game memes. Some of them offer their own take on food and eating.

You may agree that the way foie gras is made involves animal cruelty. Heck, you might think eating animals involves animal cruelty. Or, perhaps, you simply don't care. But I think we can all agree, some of these Twitter user-created images are rather funny -- a couple are even profound!

This is a pun. "Gohan" (ご飯) means "cooked rice" or "a meal."

【悲報】 「動物はあなたのごはんじゃない」 ←コラ画像が大流行w [Hayabusa]

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  • The “Not Gohan” one is also literally not Gohan. The other part of the joke is that the silhouette is actually of Goten, Gohan’s brother.

  • Eggs are apparently animals now. Either that or a lot of people don’t know what a chicken looks like. That should be a caption; “Only chickens poop eggs.”

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