DayZ Delivers The Visceral Realism Of Opening A Can Of Baked Beans

DayZ is a challenging game, for sure. Is it "hard" though? Well, it doesn't make things easy on you in the simple tasks, that's for sure.

This look at DayZ's most commonplace interactions, if they took place in real life, comes from Viva La Dirt League (aka "the closest thing the Internet has to a Starcraft boyband"). Unlike most of the hilarious Lord of the Flies-esque videos we feature from DayZ, this one actually involves a zombie. But the true adversary is that can of freaking baked beans.


    You know if you rub a can on concrete for a bit then squeeze it they open right up.........I learnt that from a homeless guy I use to catch the bus with. Although he was Jesus and the son of god, it should work for us regular no demigods too.

    Last edited 16/02/14 6:11 pm

      Saw it on a video myself, tried it with a can of peaches. Worked a treat.

      Like the video explained, it's because the lid of the can is 'rolled' on. You can also crush a can open at the middle, twisting it back and forth til you tear it apart.

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