DayZ's Mythbusters Could Save Your Life

No need to waste characters to try out whether shooting someone's gun would kill its owner or not, how vaulting affects your fall, or whether crawling or rolling are faster. Here's the first episode of DayZ Standalone Mythbusters, which will hopefully help extend your character's life in Chernarus.

Permadeath is not a nice thing, so we need this series.

DayZ Standalone Mythbusters — EP1 [YouTube]


    Of course you can see if someone has their weapon loaded, it's ARMA!

      Not sure if you were being serious, but this clip looks like it's the standalone DayZ, not the Arma II mod.

      Edit: I've not played either game, so I could be wrong.

      Last edited 07/02/14 9:43 pm

        The standalone DayZ is still Arma2 (for better and worse), it's just got a coat of paint on it

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