Deals Hard To Find In EB Games' February Sale... But They're There

EB Games isn't knowing for having deals one might describe as actual deals, but from time to time the retailer surprises you with a few decent discounts, if you happen to be watching for them. Like right now.

As user "tardisx" mentions in a post over at OzBargain, EB is currently holding a February stocktake sale. It appears as though the deals are still being updated and the availability can vary between online and in-store only, but for now some great (and not so great) games going for a mere $4. Here's a couple from tardisx's post:

  • Duke Nukem Forever for $4 if you're feeling masochistic / sadistic :-)
  • Diablo II: Gold Edition $4
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum — $4
  • MUD — FIM Motocross World Championship — $4
  • Two Worlds II: Velvet Game of the Year Edition $4
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 $12

Diablo II is certainly a steal at that price and if you don't own Arkham Asylum, you'd be hard-pressed getting it cheaper.

EB Games [Official site, via OzBargain]


    I picked up Army of Two: 2 for 12 bucks. Now I need to find someone to play that with...

      will have to be a local scenario, EA shut off the servers to it just about a year after it launched.
      I think 40th day still has a few months left in it.
      (i own the whole series and 40th day is my top fav)

      then if you want the movie like it, 2Guns... just needed a bit of Aggro and you are gold :D

    Diablo 2 for 4 bucks??? Holy crap. Done. Especially with the add on. Maybe those who missed 1 and 2 and went straight into 3 can get it and find out what a real Diablo game plays like...

      It seemed to focus more on loot than survival.

        But that's the point of diablo. The game was almost same difficulty when you are in hell but easier because you can actually get decent loot yourself.

        Diablo 3 fucked up the loot system to push real money auction house and that is the worst decision ever. And the skill tree. I can cry with the new skill tree.

          Exactly, Diablo 2 hit every right note. It took some patches but eventually it was sheer perfection. Diablo 3, while it's an ok game, is just that, an ok game, but not a spot on Diablo 2.

          Not on consoles, I was picking up loot all the time. It got to the point that I started ignoring oot because they weren't making that much of a difference and spamming AOE attacks got real old.

          The skill tree was fine, except for the fact that it was useless considering how weak everybody was. What's the point in poisoning someone when the attack that poisons killed them?

    Picked up Conan, Clive Barker's Jericho and Darkness 2 for $20 total yesterday.

      Conan's pretty decent. If you can ignore him using magic it's pretty good.
      Darkness 2 is great for 4 bucks. Especially when it's rated MA despite needing an R rating.

        Played a bit of Conan last night. Seemed to be God of War on Valium but mindless enough fun. Plus RON PEARLMAN makes everything better.

        The thought of him using magic is breaking something in my brain though. Not sure how I'll handle that when it happens :/

    Lol @ PC elitists

    "How a real Diablo game plays"

    Must be feeling insecure to always be trashing things eh?

    Well, at my local Harvey Norman they have a bunch of 360 games for 99c, charge and play kits with rechargeable battery for 360 for 99c, the Harry Potter book of spells for PS3 for $12, 12 months of XBL for $45, Wii Fit balance boards for $19, Move gun holder thingos for $5, Thunderbolt cables for $20 and ipod docks down from $249 to $20 and a bunch of other gaming stuff crazy cheap.

    "EB isn't knowing..."


    Last edited 08/02/14 4:02 pm

      Hehe that awkward moment when you realise you left a typo in the first line.

    The problem is all the good bargains aren't available online but "find in store". So they probably don't actually exist. :P

    Just went to EbGames, one in Cannington and Carousel in WA.
    Theyre having 3 for 2 on preowned Xbox 360 and Ps3 games.

    EB West Lakes SA, Far Cry Blood Dragon $8, Half-life Ep1 $4, World of tanks $12

    I picked up battlefield bad company 2 for 7 bucks on PSN over the january sale.

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