Deep Silver Put Pretty Much Everything On Sale On The Humble Store

It's easy to forget that the Humble Store is a thing that exists, but it does. This Deep Silver sale is proof of that. If you ever wanted absolutely anything Saints Row or Dead Island, this is your chance. Almost all of Deep Silver's catalogue is running super cheap at the moment.

It's all on sale at roughly 50% off: Saints Row IV is $15.99, Saints Row: The Third is $14.99, Dead Island is $9.99, Dead Island: Riptide is $14.99.

All worth a look if it's something you want to play catch up on. 10% of all proceeds go to charity.


    Metro Last Light for $20 seems like a good deal. Of course, I haven't finished 2033 yet.

      I haven't even started 2033 yet :(
      Starting to hate my pile of shame.

        I started it, but it arrived around the time as a lot of other really good games I spent about 2 hours with before moving onto something else, proming myself I'd come back. :/

      I just finished Last Light on the weekend (it's free on PS+ at the moment if you have that option). Pretty good game overall, although could probably have been an hour or two shorter. That may just be me feeling more and more time pressure, though, since I seem to find most AAA games too long these days.

    Is there anyway to find out if I buy this will I get the Australian cut version or the uncut version?

      You get the Low Violence version when you activate it on steam.

      Very good point indeed. I heard Steam put up a IP block download that no matter what key you use, it checks for your region and give you the censored game.

      I bought Saints Row 4 this morning from the HumbleStore. It is listed in my account as
      "Saints Row IV (ESD)", which I believe is the uncut version. I haven't played it yet to confirm that, but from a bit of googling it looks like the censored version would be listed as "Saints Row IV (AU)".

      The only reason I'm not 100% sure is that there is a different listing for "Saints Row IV NA - ROW (ESD)" which is definitely uncut, and is what people were recieving when they bought the uncut version from CDKey sites and Amazon, but I believe the "Saints Row IV (ESD)" is identical and also uncensored.

        Very keen to hear back on how this turns out. Only reason I didn't buy SR4 on impulse in the recent Steam sale was being turned off by the censorship issue.

          I can't find any further info on it from googling, I think the only way I can be sure is to play the actual game and get up to the mission in question? I do have the Rectifier Anal Probe weapon listed on my DLC tab, but I'm not sure if that comes with the Season Pass in Australia anyway. I'll let you know once I can confirm it either way.

            You have six days, sir. GODSPEED.
            I'm kidding. Having the rectifier there is a good sign, but I'll research it. Maybe contact the Humble Store direct.

              Actually I believe the saints row deal is 24 hours only. Well that's what the email from humble indicates. The overall sale goes for a week, and I guess each day one title is promoted and discounted further.

                Then I shall take one for the team, lay down my evening, and smoke alien narcotics from a broken lightbulb with a hippy doppelgänger of Shaundi in a virtual world inside yet another virtual world! (In other words, I'll play through tonight to see if the censored mission is present, and report back asap. It's meant to be quite early in the game.)

                  Any updates bud? Very interested in the outcome. Have been embargo'ing (what the fuck word am I looking for here? It's not embargo...) SRIV over the censorship issue (like my one vote counts) and it hurts so bad. I needs me some of that.

                  I can't do it! It's not that near the start after all - I've put in 2.5 hours and I've still got quite a bit to go before I unlock Shaundi's loyalty mission.

                  Two possible clues- the Rectifier weapon works as advertised. Just as inappropriate as described (and instantly boring to be honest, you seen one anal probe you seen 'em all). And there does appear to be lots of blood in the game, it doesn't seem to have any violence censored. But it's not till the alien narcotics that we'll know for sure.

                  Also, this game is fun.

                  Pretty sure the Rectifier doesn't indicate either way because it bypassed the censorship ruling by making it DLC. Why they couldn't do the same for the Shaundi mission I have no idea, sent them an email asking on release but they never replied.

            My understanding was that the anal probe weapon made it through the Australian classification review board due to a loop hole of it being dlc rather than on the disc, but the censored version just has a mission involving using alien drugs to super charge your powers was removed. Let us know how you go, I'm keen to give it a look too!

              Yeah I think you're right. Sorry I could get through to that mission in time for the daily sale. Still, it'll be good to know if the Humble Store is a way around the censorship. I've heard that buying through Amazon also works.

                It is still on sale for the rest of the week, just priced slightly higher ( around $5 ). So be sure to come back and let us know when you eventually get there!

                  I finally got up to it and I can confirm that the Humble Bundle version of Saints Row IV is UNCENSORED. The illicit drug taking mission (Shaundi's loyalty mission "Psychosomatic") is present. Sorry it took so long!

    Yep, just bought Metro: Last Light. I don't know why, i'll probably install it and never play it but still complain i have nothing to play.

    Why must Risen 2 Gold always get the discounts, but not the individual DLC packs. Don't want to buy the whole game again just because its cheaper than the DLC on its own.

    Also, where is Ride to Hell: Retribution??

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