Describing The Star Wars Movies...As An MMO

Describing The Star Wars Movies...As An MMO

The plot of the original three Star Wars movies is a long and, when you think about it, weird one. It makes a lot more sense when you break the Rebel's quest down into simpler terms. Like those you'd find in an MMO.

Redditor Revolvlover has converted George Lucas' tale into a single-page epic of rage-quitting, dark side points and "fucking F2Pers".

The Star Wars description is good:

NEW HOPE - Homeboy levels by walking around and getting exp from discovering locations on tattoine, and is power leveled by an experienced knight. Meets some DPS along the way who help carry him through. Keeps trying to romance one of his companions he picks up, but can't even heal the tank during boss fight. Loses and rage-quits. Decides to level at GSF, but the enemy is a bunch of PUG losers.

But by the time we hit Return of the Jedi - where Luke abandons his friends on Endor and "takes off like a jerk so that he can go do a class-quest on the death-star" - we're mining for gold.

What class of Jedi, and what level, was Luke when he got one-shotted by on Hoth in ESB? (yes, I'm serious) [Reddit, via Super Punch]


    I have to say that was a pretty interesting read. Reminds me of all the World of Warcrat I've played. Didn't really like KOTOR. ^^;

    That's probably not gonna make a lot of sense if you haven't played The Old Republic. Sigh, I miss that game... except when I think about the grinding. Why couldn't it have been single player, whyyyyyy.

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