Disappointed By Fable III?

Disappointed By Fable III?

Disappointed by Fable III? Even series creator Peter Molyneux now admits in an interview with Develop that “Fable III was a trainwreck”. It’s a good read if you want to see where it all went wrong.


    • Strange.
      I always found the first was the best and the series has increasingly lost it’s way since.

      The only thing I recall about 3 was the final battle was short and terribly boring, so much so I didn’t even realise it was the final battle till it ended.

      • I don’t know, Fable 3 was closer to Molyneux’s crazy original vision than the other two were, that and it looked much better.
        Plus, how many other games can you marry a multiplayer friend and have kids with them? 😛

  • I liked Fable 3, except when I fell through the ground and could never get out (More a bug issue than a story one).

    • I don’t know what’s worse, the fact you actually typed that or that three other people voted for it.

      • I’m not sure if you are the real Luke or just someone using his name but I’m gonna assume the latter.

        The worst is the article Luke. Even if it was to redirect it to the original article to generate more view for them as @rize said, it is stupid to write it this way.

        There are plenty of article here in kotaku that is based on other articles but other authors are willing to actually WRITE an article and quoting it at the same time, hell the article was written by an author about the interview with Molyneux. At least he tried to add something and make it into an article for their reader to read.

        I can even do such simple thing, wait for some other website to publish an article and then just write:

        “Put a Titanfall image found using google search in 5 seconds”
        “Titanfall is coming next week. You can read it here

        Done. It took me literally a minute to do that.

        • There’s too much to go into here in detail, but I’ll give you the gist.

          Due to design and time differences, Kotaku AU publishes Kotaku US stories often out of time and out of sync. It also doesn’t differentiate between the formatting of posts.

          On the US site, this wasn’t even a post. It was what we call a “blip”, which are short links to things we find interesting by sites/authors we like and that we think you should check out. These take up two lines of text, and appear outside of our regular posting schedule (on the US site, we generally post ever 30 minutes around the clock, again something you might not notice if you only visit the AU site).

          There, seen in that context, this post makes sense. We run these every week, sometimes a few in a single day. Here, like this with a headline I never wrote, indeed makes it looks like a short-ass post, so I can understand the weird reaction!

          • So that’s why! Never knew blip existed. Now it made a lot of sense with all those one liners articles that constantly appear on AU site. I’ll be sure to let others know in the future posts.

            One more quick question, when US article get published in AU, is it an automated process or does it have to be re published by an AU author?

          • Yeah, always something handy to remember: if something looks out of place, busted or weird, it’s probably down to the process of bringing it from one website over to another.

            It’s done manually. All those “asses” to “arses” translations to be done by hand 🙂

          • How about those articles with broken image links with tons of html codes popping out? If it was done manually, they should be able to notice the error and clean it up before publishing it.

          • I have to ask, why are the sites so different? I mean, I like the layout of the AU site better, it’s more focused, but it seems that it’s treated as completely irrelevant. Posts from the US site often don’t work here, or don’t have the context to be posted here, and they should. Why is the AU site not getting the attention it needs to be more in line with the content posted on it?

          • Both the US and Australian sites had their current revamps designed separately, mainly because a lot of Australian users complained about issues with the US layout.

          • Good question. Mostly because they’re almost entirely separate sites, run by different companies each with their own tech and own servers.

            If you want to see everything the way it’s supposed to be, the best way is to do what a lot of people do and read both sites, since as an Aussie there’s content you’ll be missing out on if you only ever read one. It’s not the greatest solution, I know, but given the circumstances it’s better than nothing 🙁

      • It’s almost like you don’t realise what your own audience finds annoying, such as content-free click bait articles and endless animated gifs.

      • I wonder if ‘authors’ (I use that term wrongly here, I think…) are subject to the same posting rules as ‘followers’. E.g. if we downvote you enough, all your ‘articles’ will be held for moderation.

  • og fable was the best. multistrike, berserk, physical shield = the biggest multiplier I ever achieved. so satisfying.

  • Fable 3 had a lot of promise and in many ways was a noticeable improvement over its predecessors, but I really, really, really wish it hadn’t forced me to hold down so many buttons for so long, or so heavily incentivized wasting literally HOURS on hugging, kissing, and farting on random villagers to get what I wanted.

  • He does this every time. he makes a game and says “This is the one I mean it, no really this time.” Later down the track he comes out and says “Actually that was crap but the next one will blow your mind.”

  • i hated the child generator when you have kids. more likely than not, your gonna have a black son or daughter. when this happened to me. i couldnt bring myself to play. everything was perfect then that happened and suddenly i lost all my money. i gave up

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