EB Games And Ozgameshop: Peace In Our Lifetime

EB Games And Ozgameshop: Peace In Our Lifetime

In this extended metaphor EB Games is Ariel Sharon, Ozgameshop is Yassar Arafat and twitter genius Priscilla is Bill Clinton. Only instead of an unlikely handshake, these two video game retail giants exchanged an extreme brofist that spanned all the way across the internet. It was a beautiful thing.

Can you believe it? Retail peace in our time. As the young, internet savvy upstart threatening traditional retail, you’d expect Ozgameshop to be taking no prisoners, and you might expect EB to be firing shots across the parapet — but no! We can live together in harmony. It can happen.

As Rocky Balboa said at the end of Rocky IV — “if I can change… and you can change. EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE!”

Thanks Priscilla!


    • I’m quite prepared to believe that EB Games commits genocide in a refugee camp, but Ozgameshop always struck me as evil in an angrily incompetent way, more like a Benito Mussolini.

  • They both cater to different demographics within the gaming community anyway, no real point in an ewar,

  • I’m like that guy who single-handedly built the rocket & flew to the moon. What was his name? Apollo Creed?

  • Nobody is pointing out how funny Martin C’s Twitter avatar is considering the outward display of bro-love?

    • Hard to tell, seems like this Cilllah person was talking to Brock about something in regards to games not being delayed here or something, then this Steve character popped in proclaiming the virtues of OzGameshop (but hard to tell since their Twitter is protected so none of their messages appear). Cilllah then made a comment to OzGameshop that they seemed to have picked up a stalkerfanpersonguything, to which they responded resulting in the above screenshot.

      • Cilla is my partner. Basically she got tweeted at by someone whose entire twitter account is all about tweeting people buying games from EB, calling out EB using some rather choice language and directing them to Ozgameshop. Nothing too wrong with that, but the guy’s being very insulting and so Cilla tweeted Adam, one of the OGS staff about it, to let them know for PR sake, and voila! There you have it.

      • I am the Cilla person and I had that guy tweet me OGS deals ‘om behalf of OGS’ and abuse everyone who shops at EB!

        • I actually read the guys comments on twitter about EB and OGS and if you call his tweets abusive then you must have been raised in a convent, lol. Really! Sure he shouldn’t have said he was directing people on OGS behalf but to call his tweets abusive is the joke here.

  • Ozgameshop is almost on par with what you’ll pay at JB anyway now. And if you want cheaper Xbox One games, buy it through the American dashboard.

    • Very true, Ozgameshop is only good for picking up slightly older titles for $30-$40 nowadays. If you want latest releases, you are better off going to JB HiFi or Big W.

    • So, for a year Crysis 3 has been 100 bucks AUD on Games on Demand. Last week they had a sale that reduced it down to 14 bucks US. But for Australia it was reduced down to 40 bucks AUD.

    • Not necessarily. At the moment Lightning Returns is $79 at JB, $59 at ozgameshop. FFX is $49 vs. $39; Tales of Symphonia $85 vs. $58. So there’s still typically a 20% saving, if you can put up with the fortnight wait.

      However, when I get stuff from ozgameshop it’s usually because I can’t find it locally at all…

    • I’m far too lazy to buy from the American dashboard, when I can just buy from xbox.com/en-us 😀

  • Well, at least they have the love of each other. Because they are both so ridiculously irrelevant these days.

    Ozgameshop is no longer the cheap import site.
    EB Games is starting to pick up a little bit, but the prices are still ridonkulous. Big W, Target, JB Hifi, even DSE are a better choice.

      • Yeah, I’ve been told they don’t really have a problem with price-matching catalogue items at EB. Good to know… for the carrots….

      • A lot of EB Games stores also flat out refuse to price match certain stores (such as BigW). I’m told, anyway.

        • I’ve yet to have a problem but I’d say its one of those thing that depends on what the manager is like in a certain store.

          • i used to work at eb games. we have the right to refuse price matching. we’re told to refuse 99% of price matching if we’re meeting our targets. its only if we need that extra boost.

    • I sometimes buy items on sale at EB. Sometimes they have pretty good deals. No opinion on Ozgameshop though, I usually just use Playasia and I’m usually just getting uncensored versions of games just so I can stick it to the man.

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