New Documentary Series Wants To Tell The Stories Of Cosplayers

Ever wonder why the people wearing those awesome cosplay outfits do it in the first place? Or how they put their get-ups together? A new documentary series called Cosplay Boom wants to tell the stories of the people who dress up as beloved characters and make fan gatherings so much fun.

If the filmmakers hit their crowdfunding goal, they plan to release a new video every day and larger chapters very month. There's more info right here on Kickstarter.


    Hopefully it'll be better than Heroes of Cosplay.

      I liked heroes of display coz they had a few cozplay names, not sure if it will be as good if they used no bodies in the doco

    So long as they don't do what Heroes of Cosplay did with the whole copyright fiasco. A show should know their legal rights and responsibilities before jumping in.

    I would be more interested in hearing about their tales of virginity.

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