Everything Wrong With The Original Robocop (It's All Lies)

I don't know what movie the CinemaSins guy watched to come up with seven minutes' worth of problems, but it couldn't have been the original Robocop — the movie is perfect.

OK, so maybe it was perfect to whichever version of me first watched it back in 1987. Thing is, that weird little bastard, with his popped collar and feathered hair (oh, hair), still lives on inside me, drinking Slurpees and reading comic books. He'd be offended if he weren't such an idiot.


    Yeah! I'm glad he mentioned them loading up ED-209 with real bullets for a simple perception and audible test. That bugged the shit out of me for years!

      Yeah, but those crazy bastards at OCP were absolutely certain and willing to bet their nannas on the fact it would only use deadly force when absolutely necessary.

    'or your dreams when you fight crime'.
    Too good.

    All lies. Robocop was perfect in every way.

    I'd buy it for at least two or more dollars. It's that good.

    Grabbed all 3 on Bluray nice a cheap a few months back. Watched them back to back - the only one that even remotely stands the test of time is the original and only because of it's brilliantly satirical view of everything.

      Surprisingly the TV series did a god job of using the social satire. There were always adverts selling the craziest crap. A kids doll that becomes a grenade when the head is pulled off. My first steroids. (That was my fav, after the exciting advert directed at kids the narrator quickly says "If blood appears in urine please discontinue use")

    How droll, video is pointless. Apart from the 2 or 3 actual continuity goofs everything else mentioned is pretty much the point of the film. Wouldn't buy for a dollar.

    This series (cinema sins) is getting really boring now. It was funny when it started but now he goes into way too specific and pointless detail.

      I caught one the other day on the James Franco OZ movie and I remember thinking to myself, nearly every other point, "Holy shit you are nit-picking like mad."

      I mean, I didn't even LIKE that movie, but even I thought that this guys "critique" of it made him sound like a total douchebag. If this is his entire shtick, then I don't see it lasting long. There's only so much herp-a-derp someone can listen to on a daily basis.

      /I did laugh at the part where he called Mila Kunis "Carmen SanDiego".

    I remember seeing this movie the week before it went from PG to 18+.

      It was PG for a time??? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

      Jesus... Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

        Yep. I was either 8 or 9 at the time. Even my mother was surprised by it.

    Opening title... "in 7 minutes or less"
    *looks at video length*...9 minutes...

    Last edited 06/02/14 1:00 pm

      The actual commentary is under 7 minutes. There's 2 minutes at the end alone just advertising his other stuff.

        Yeah realised that AFTER I watched the vid hah

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