Final Fantasy, Summed Up In A Minute

The Final Fantasy franchise has been around for a long while — here is the Cliffnotes version of its 26-year history by LORE. Just in time for Final Fantasy VII's birthday!


    FF9 is and will forever probably be my favourite Final Fantasy title as it had a fair bit of depth in the story and there were very few characters that weren't likeable.

    Gotta gets me some of dat Vivi no shower biz.

    Aww man. I thought this was going to be the entire Final Fantasy series summed up in a minute. In my head, It would have gone something like:
    - World is imperiled by power hungry person, usually they're part of an "Empire"
    - Group of unlikely heroes set out to save the world
    - Cid!
    - Chocobos!
    - Airship!
    - Bahamut, Odin and Ultima!
    - Final Boss Battle
    - Final Final Boss Battle
    - Final Final Final Boss Battle
    - Final Final Final... Oh wait, the world got saved.
    - Fin

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