Final Fantasy Themed Weddings Sure Are Romantic

Final Fantasy Themed Weddings Sure Are Romantic

Sweet and adorable too! If you plan on getting married, may I suggest doing something like this?

While the bride and groom dressed as Final Fantasy characters White Mage and Squall, those attending the wedding were encouraged to dress as their favourite characters — Final Fantasy or not.

"Not all guests and relatives know Final Fantasy so we let them choose their own favourite characters instead," writes YouTuber JeanBilius, who added, "Hubby doesn't like Rinoa. He prefers White mages and Yuna."

Looks like it was a great wedding.

Elegado Datan I.XXV.MMXIV Final Fantasy themed wedding [[email protected] — Thanks Sang!]


    Hah, they even got the dance down. Geek weddings like this are always something special.

    What's his beef with Rinoa? She's just a spoilt daddys girl cum sorceress trying to get by

    Why not Yuna's wedding dress?!?

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