Final Fantasy VI Is Out On iOS Today

Final Fantasy VI Is Out On iOS Today

One of the greatest RPGs ever made is out on iOS today. It will cost you $16.99, and it has touchscreen-adapted controls and a brand new coat of paint.

Check it out on iTunes if you’re interested, and pick a side: Team Cool Remake or Team This Shit Is Gross. Or, if you’ve never played FFVI before, you can snag the original version on PSN or the Wii’s Virtual Console.

I’ll be playing through this one on my iPad, to see whether it’s really worth the money. And yes, I totally just spent 17 bucks on a game I’ve already bought three times. Because I love you guys.


  • from the screenshots i’ve seen, the game looks like shit compared to the original snes.

    i would have bought it if they remade it into 3d like ff3 and ff4 were.

  • I thought we established that mobile FF games are bollocks. Square Enix is another company that doesnt listen to the international market.

  • I’m really hoping they re-release this for the 3DS. But it seems like their e-shop is focusing on nes copies. That and I’m sure there are legal issues aswel.

  • I genuinely feel bad that I never felt that much love for FFVI. It had some great characters, and I think Uematsu came into his own with the score, but otherwise … meh.

    Probably it’s because the PSOne was my first console, so with FFVII being my first, it just felt old when I got the PS version – even the added FMVs were bland.

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