Flappy Bird Can Teach You How To Type, Or Drive You Insane.

In the wake of the Flappy Bird controversy, and its removal from the App Store and Google Play, of course there were going to be clones. Clones like Flappy Doge. Which is hilarious for about two minutes. Clones like this Flappy Bird typing tutor, which as been driving me up the wall for the last 15 minutes.

It's basically a browser game, only instead of 'tapping' like the original game, players must type actual words and time the typing of those words to clear the obstacles in the game.

It's about as close to impossible as any 'game' I've ever played.

In a way it's a failure on two fronts. It's not much whack as a game and, since you have to time your typing and not just type-really-bloody-quickly, it sort of fails as a typing teacher as well.

It's the worst thing ever created by man or beast. So why the hell have I not closed the tab yet?

Seriously, my best score is 1.


    I managed to get a 3 and feel like I've achieved something for the day. Maybe now I should put on some pants.

    I got three! and I'm done with it forever and ever.

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