Forget Free-To-Play Dungeon Keeper, Play The Classic For Free Instead

Forget Free-To-Play Dungeon Keeper, Play The Classic For Free Instead

Once upon a time there was a Dungeon Keeper game that everyone loved. It had no arbitrary timers, no microtransactions, and its mere mention did not cause spontaneous vomiting. Today through Sunday, that Dungeon Keeper is free on Can you feel the love?

Classic gaming hub is celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend with a lovely little sale, at the forefront of which is a free copy of Dungeon Keeper Gold for everybody. You get Dungeon Keeper Gold. You get Dungeon Keeper Gold. I get Dungeon Keeper Gold, eventually.

Forget Free-To-Play Dungeon Keeper, Play The Classic For Free Instead

Dungeon Keeper Gold includes the 1997 classic strategy game that inspired recent miseries, along with the Deeper Dungeons expansion pack, 3D graphics support (oooo) and all sorts of extra goodness. Those of you new to the franchise be warned — the game only runs on PC and Mac, not your tablets or phones. How barbaric, right?

Along with the low price of free for the original game, also has Dungeon Keeper 2 on sale for $US1.49.

Now before this special deal whips us all into a celebratory anti-EA dance party, read the official deal announcement from’s forums.

Today of all days, a good part of the world celebrates love in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. For us at, there is no greater love than the love of classic PC games. We love them, you love them, and you know what? We love you as well! So we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by partnering up with our friends at Electronic Arts to offer you an exclusive Dungeon Keeper promotion:

For the next 48 hours Dungeon Keeper Gold (complete with the Deeper Dungeons expansion) can be added to your account for free! If you already own it on, you can still get one extra gift-code for the game and present it to your significant other gamer, or a friend.

See? Electronic Arts does still love the old-school Dungeon Keeper fans. Just not enough for a proper sequel, and not as much as the casual mobile market. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


  • If they loved it they would put it on steam, as much as I would love to use GOG I hate having things spread over multiple accounts

    • I feel the same…..though I made an exemption for GOG. Turns out having two games services did not end the world. Though I don’t think I will risk having a third……sorry origin, it’s not you, it’s for the survival of the human race…….

    • Using GOG isn’t that bad. Once you make your account, you download the EXE from GOG and that’s it. Don’t need to log-in to GOG anymore. DRM-Free EXE that you can copy/backup whereever. You’ll only need to use GOG again if you lose your backup and want to re-download the Install File again.

      • Yeah, I like that their downloader/launcher/etc is entirely optional, I’ve never used it myself and that’s the way these things should be.

    • So you don’t like DRM-free games that you can share with all your friends like in the old days?

  • I saw this in an email this morning and brought it before I got out of bed………I’ve got a busy day ahead cause the wife wants a birthday like every year…… I won’t get to play it. So anyone knows how it has aged??

    • Last time I tried the GoG version (about a year ago) it would not run on my laptop. It would be interesting to see if they fixed it up a little.

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