Freebie Friday! 100% Free Game Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

At the end of each week, we bring you a list of the latest free mobile gaming apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Deals this week include Adventures in Zombie World, Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures and RUST. Download them all without spending a cent!

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Pet Shop Story: Carnival: FREE! "Create the perfect Pet Shop for your favorite lovable animals, and share with your friends."

The Rockets: FREE! "Take control of your space-ship and starting blasting your way through cool & unique levels."

Hopeless: The Dark Cave: FREE! "A bunch of glowing Blobs huddle in the dark, scared and armed."

Rescue Me - The Adventures: FREE! "Cute little people are in danger all around the world, and you are the only one who can save them."

Adventures in Zombie World: FREE! Adventures in Zombie World is a super additive multiplayer car racing, zombie smashing and shooting game."

Karmadillo: FREE! "Help Ivan the armadillo avenge his ancestors in Karmadillo, an addicting physics-based puzzle game! Created by just two high school seniors and a college freshman, it's sure to get you hooked."

Volcoholic: FREE! "An alcoholic beverage comparison app designed to help you get the maximum amount of alcohol for your money."

Medieval Wars:Strategy&Tactics: FREE! "A new game in the Strategy & Tactics series gives you an opportunity to try your strength in confrontations between the most ruthless conquerors."

Line Birds: FREE! "See what the buzz is about Flappy Birds in this original version, available for more than 2 years already!"

Glory of Generals: FREE! "Over 60 campaigns in 4 battlefields of World War II are waiting for your challenge."

Real Sichuan: FREE! "Real Sichuan is a puzzle game to clear all of the same Mah-jong tiles on the board."


Monsters Rising: FREE! "Wipe out the Human Race and Destroy hordes of Monsters in this stunning HD quality 3D Action-strategy game."

Outpost Luna: FREE! "Command your construction bots to produce resources and build cities in Outpost Luna."

Wizard Quest: FREE! "Wizard Quest is an epic journey through a mysterious experience where you are the master of the world around you, and the landscape becomes the game board."

Palm Kingdoms 2 Deluxe for iPhone: FREE! "Palm Kingdoms 2 Deluxe is one of the most refined strategies for iPhone."

WaveWall: FREE! "WaveWall allows you to create beautiful images from your iPod songs and sound recordings."

Subliminal Video: FREE! "Subliminal Video is an application that allows you to add hidden images and messages in your videos."

Monkey Ninja: FREE! "Proceed only if you can handle extreme pressure without losing your inner peace."

ZOMBER: FREE! "Progress through quests and stunning enironments."


Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures: FREE! "Help two charming royal heirs escape from a secluded island in this hidden object quest!"

Desert Zombie Last Stand: FREE! "Arm yourself to the teeth and dive head-first into Desert Zombie: Last Stand, a high-octane, high-explosive action game powered by Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine 3!"

Shifts: FREE! "Save the human race from extinction by colonizing new worlds following the destruction of Earth."

Naught 2: FREE! "Play with gravity to guide Naught through a mysterious underground world where darkness is a relentless enemy that takes many forms."

Windows Phone

Real Face Effect: FREE! "Have fun with this best Real Face style changer free app available on Windows phone store."

Doodle Brick: FREE! "Your mission is simple: fit sets of blocks into provided shapes."

RUST - The Real Adventure: FREE! "RUST is an awesome new survival game (Minecraft style) with an amazing graphics and endless possibilities."

Shake Peppa Pig: FREE! "Shake your phone to animate Peppa Pig and her friends!"

Run The Shadow Alcatraz Escape: FREE! You play a part of Runaway, who must get out quickly as soon as possible from Alcatraz Prison."

Bionic Bikini (Part 1): FREE! "In this humor-laden sci-fi interactive short story, it's 2057 and you play the part of Zachary Nixion Johnson, the last PI on Earth. Can you and your holographic A.I. sidekick solve the case?"

World at Arms: FREE! "The evil KRA forces have attacked our nation, threatening the entire free world! As one of the greatest military leaders on Earth, you must take action to save us all!"

DubStep Pad: FREE! "In this application, 12 different sounds for the game. It is possible to record your game and then listen."

Medieval Apocalypse: FREE! "Medieval Apocalypse is an action-packed hack and slash role playing game that takes players to an apocalyptic medieval world."

App Deals is a daily roundup of notable new, updated and discounted apps. Know of any other awesome deals? Are you a developer and want your app listed here? Leave a comment or contact us.


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