From Bottlecap To Pocket Crossbow In Just A Few Steps

From Bottlecap To Pocket Crossbow In Just A Few Steps

If you have a couple of screwdrivers, ice block sticks, an elastic band and a bottlecap lying around, then why not put them to good use? These common household items are everything you need to make a surprisingly powerful mini crossbow.

Not only does the crossbow fit into your pocket, but it can join your arsenal of miniature weapons.DaveHax here walks us through all the steps necessary to make the mini crossbow, in case you need a new DIY project. Not only can it shoot a variety of things, but if you're feeling adventurous, you can even load it up with a flaming q-tip by using this other tutorial:

Remember, your crossbow can come in a variety of colours:

From Bottlecap To Pocket Crossbow In Just A Few Steps

If only I knew about this stuff in high school!

How to Make a Mini Crossbow [DaveHax]


    Yay more opportunities for thug cops to shoot kids!

      Nah that only happens if your a kid in the US who happens to be holding a wii remote....

      Your a glass half empty kinda guy, aren't cha?

      Last edited 25/02/14 6:55 pm

        I'm thinking realist. You see Wii remotes are good enough to kill over so a flaming matchstick must be considered a WMD.

    That's only cause some bastard drank the other half of his drink.

    I think it looks kinda cool, could be a good party trick

    Last edited 25/02/14 7:16 pm

      Then some other bastard filled half of it with if you think about it it's technically a full glass.

    It's all fun and games until someone gets a nail in the eye....

      I dunno, forsome parties that's when the festivities actually kick off.

    I'm sorry, what? Discrimination is bad, but here kids, make yourself a portable weapon? Am I the only person who doesn't get that train of thought?

      Yep, not a fan of this post at all.

      Of course my comment complaining probably ensures that we’ll be seeing a slew of posts with titles like “How to kill your little sister with a sharpened toothbrush” over the next month.

    If I knew how to make this stuff in high school I would've been expelled. It was bad enough with folded paper and rubber bands. Someone always ends up shooting nails.

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