Game Of Thones Famous Death Scenes Remade As 8-Bit Video Game GIFs

Warning spoilers ahead!

So Game of Thrones has a healthy (and awesome) habit of killing of its main characters. This has resulted in the show having some seriously iconic moments.

So Buzzfeed decided to replicate 14 of these grisly death scenes as 8-bit video game style GIFs. Yes, I know you hate Buzzfeed, I know you think it's a plague and represents everything that's wrong with online media, but I'm sorry. This is awesome.

Above is the fairly tame moment when Jon Snow killed that thing — it's the lead image because it's the least 'spoilery' — but the rest are off the chain.

Head to Buzzfeed to check out the rest.


    Oh The Red Wedding...just as awesome in 8-bit!

    I just wish these had been done in actual 8-bit animation and not animated 8-bit-esque

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