Game Walkthroughs Should Be Taken Out Of Context

Game Walkthroughs Should Be Taken Out Of Context

Game walkthroughs, when viewed as a whole, are incredible useful things. Take them out of context though, and boy there is some weird stuff goin' on.

Game Walkthroughs is a bot that crawls Gamefaqs and just... lifts sections of text. At random. What that leaves us with is a Twitter account that reads like the ramblings of an oracle.

Game Walkthroughs Should Be Taken Out Of Context

See? Imagine this lady saying any of these and suddenly it's some heavy shit.

I think I might put these inside this year's Christmas crackers...

Game Walkthroughs [Twitter]


    I reckon this could be done alongside the daily Haitaku. Take a different one each day and try to guess the game. It wouldn't be infuriating at all, especially as we wouldn't know the answer :D

      Shell one core, 1F



        that's the only one I guessed other than, I'm assuming, Monkey Island

      Move to Criminal Affairs Dept.

      Is more than likely an Ace Attorney game.

    I always leave little scraps of paper lying around with game notes on them, my girlfriend finds them and always says they look like the ramblings of a mad man cause she never knows the context.

      What makes you a madman is that your imaginary girlfriend finds your sticky notes and talks to you.

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