Gaming Mouse...Thing Looks Like Alien Torture Device (In A Good Way)

Gaming Mouse...Thing Looks Like Alien Torture Device (In A Good Way)

The Sinister is a gaming mouse/controller/thing currently up on Kickstarter that looks, well, nothing like a gaming mouse. The idea is similar to that of R.A.T.7, which got an A for effort but a C- for comfort.

The Sinister looks to get around that by not being slightly customisable, but entirely customisable.

You can pivot, rotate and slide the major components into any configuration you deem comfortable, and it also has some fancy inputs that let it mimic either a PC mouse, keyboard controls or Xbox pad. It also has haptic feedback.

Sinister [Kickstarter]


    Looks Ridiculous but its something I would want to test out. Like how i feel about the steam controller.

    Give me a G13 over this anyday.

    Logitech G13 for left and a good old G400 for the right does me just fine.

    Make it work on consoles and you'd have quite a few sales I suspect but I have a feeling its going to fall between markets on PC, one camp is fine with controllers so will probably just keep using them as is and the other is all for mouse & keyboard and will just keep using that. I can see a number of people picking it up but I have a bad feeling that the crossover will be too small to be sustainable.

    The whole idea of moving components on the fly though? THAT is fucking fantastic, I've wanted that forever

    Have a feeling this might be a potentially great device for the single limbed crowd???

      By the look of the video you still need the mouse. It looks like this basically replaces the left thumbstick and replicates the majority of the controller buttons while the mouse replaces the right stick and any remaining buttons

        A pity, with a slight modification of an extra thumbstick, you'd have a brilliant single handed controller no?

          As long as it's comfortable for either hand, it could be perfect for amputees as well.

          Well they want feedback, it'd be a good thing to suggest I reckon because that'd make a top selling point. Disabled support is extremely slim in peripherals and it could be a chance to grab some market share.

          There's plenty of uses an able bodied gamer could have for one handed control as well...

    Looks interesting as a gamepad...didn't see anything that indicated that it was a mouse though, just that you can hook a mouse up to it.

    Looking at the description: it isn't actually a mouse: rather it is a game pad that uses a mouse as the right analogue stick.

    It looks somewhat interesting, but you'd be a bit disappointed if you thought you were getting a mouse.

    It is almost like what the razer nostramo or orbweaver does with less buttons and more ability to customize.

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