Gaming Tip Or Life Lesson?

Gaming Tip Or Life Lesson?

Boot up the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS role-playing game Bravely Default and you'll get some tips about how to enjoy the game "to the fullest".

You see these tips before you even see the game's title screen. You get a different screen of tips each time you start the game. Some explain how to use Bravely Default's special StreetPass systems or how to view some of its augmented reality bonus scenes.

This tip though... I'm not sure if it's a tip for the game or a tip for life:

Gaming Tip Or Life Lesson?

Special bonus tip/taunt:

Gaming Tip Or Life Lesson?

Bravely Default, which is both pretty good and a sort of alternate-reality Final Fantasy, was released in Australia on December 7. The game's pretty good!


    "will be out for the 3DS in Australia on February 7."

    Nope. It was released December 7th here. Come on guys, you can't just search and replace.

    Shit, guess I got an advance copy back in December then.

    That's the North American release date. Maybe the countries were swapped over for "localisation".

      I wouldn't be surprised if there's like a script that automatically changes America/United States/States to Australia

    picked this up on the weekend, really enjoying it so far. Unfortunately that 3rd screen shot describes the situation I am in. no friends who play thus game... so if anyone is keen to exchange friend codes pls pm me!

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