Giant Babies Born In China

Giant Babies Born in China

This week in Shanwei, China, a mother gave birth to one big baby (pictured). How big? Try 7.12kg. And that's not even the biggest baby born in the country this month.

Searchina reports (via Yahoo! News) that another mother — this one in a totally different city — also recently had a giant baby boy, who weighed 7.35kg.

Both giant babies were born via caesarean.

Giant Babies Born in China

In the developed world, the average weight of a newborn carried to full term is 3.4kg. Any child that weighs more 4.5kg is a "big baby" (macrosomia). And most big babies turn out OK!

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest baby born to a healthy mother was in Italy in 1955 when Carmelina Fedele had a son weighing 10.2kg. And that's a lot.

Giant Babies Born in China

中国で「超大物」赤ちゃん生まれる―7350g、過去最大か [Yahoo!] 广东孕妇产下14斤重巨婴 [iFeng] Giant Baby Boy Born [Anhui News]

Photos: ChinaNews


    Why is this on Kotaku?

      Because that's how you play Bashcraft Bingo.

      You must be new here, this is all Bashcraft ever posts. Things no one cares about.

      It's a preview of Giant Baby Simulator 2015, which is one of my most anticipated games.

      Obviously because the mother got a high score.

    Damn, I'd be willing to bet this was mitosis those babies are so big.

    A sneak peak at the new Chinese Super Solider Program!

    He could maybe have at least tried to tie it in to nerdy stuff by suggesting that they might be the first in the development of the Attack on Titan giants or some such.

    Yeah look, we usually get the Japanese pop stuff and etc, which I'd say does fall into the general scope of "otaku/nerd", but wtf is this, this is gawker material.

    Radioactive babies cause havoc in China!

    Bashcraft bingo lost, I was also plunked earlier with the snes cd specs page

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