Goat Simulator 2014 Needs To Be A Real Thing

Goat Simulator 2014 Needs To Be A Real Thing

You can play as a ton of different things in video games — a goat is not typically one of them. That’s too bad, because even getting hit by a car while playing as a goat seems like a blast judging from this video.

The ridiculous footage above comes from CoffeeStainStudios, and it’s (most unfortunately) not a real game. “We’re just playing around a bit with programming stuff, this is not our next big IP,” they wrote on the video’s YouTube description. The goat game is a part of a month-long game jam at the studio, to be specific.

If the world has a Woodcutter Simulator 2013, surely it can have a Goat Simulator 2014 too, right? The less realistic the better — I like the idea of getting more points for good crashes and ragdolls, like in this pseudo-game. Ah, one can dream!

(Via At7Addak)


  • I want a handyman simulator, you go to a house, give them a quote on the job, wait for a call, go to the job, sit there for 10 minutes then leave to get parts, come back work for 20 minutes then go on lunch.

    • Really? Because a quote should be free.

      And an independent tradie should bring all their own tools.

      And get paid for the job, not their time.

      What would I know, my Dad wasn’t a tradie ever, except for the fact he was until he was 52.

      (School holidays could be awesome and sh*t at the same time. Earn money for that new Gameboy game! By carrying half a tonne of sand from the front yard to the back).

      • Depends on the readies you use some are free others charge a flat fee for quotes.

        Not saying they need tools but they could need parts for the job that they wouldn’t know tey needed till beginning the job which is common with bathroom renos.

        Again depends on the trade, I’ve worked with carpenters who charge by the job and some that charge by the hour. I’ve seen plumbers charge by the quarter hour!

        Different pays for different trades

        • Fair enough.

          Though jeez, plumbers, my one true hatred – only trade for home repair I don’t have a friend/family/myself to do, and I’d rather not screw that one up (and electricity, but at least I know a few sparkies quite well).

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