Goat Simulator Knows How To Throw A Party

Goat Simulator Knows How To Throw A Party

Yesterday, I bemoaned that Goat Simulator was just a game jam game that probably won't be publicly available. Today I return with more footage that makes that reality all the more painful.

I wanna be a goat that gets rewarded for messing up the human's party. :(

Actually, I shouldn't get too sad here... it's possible that the developers might release something we can play. Speaking to Vice, Armin Ibrisagic, a PR manager at Coffee Stain Studios, said that they are "discussing what more we can do with Goat Simulator now that people have shown such an interest in it, but we don't want to promise anything... we're going to listen to people's opinions in the coming couple of days and see how it goats."

Ibrisagic's responses to people on Twitter inquiring about the game also hint at a possible playable build for the public at some point — we'll keep you updated on what happens. For now, though, there don't seem to be concrete plans for Goat Simulator — and we'll have to settle for watching this footage.


    Should totally release it to the public with the ability to wear different hats, enable cheat modes like exploding confetti out of objects when hit and the ability to ride skateboards.

    Please just take my money.
    Put it up on steam early access and take my damn money.


      Something original that looks like fun, I'm in.

    Will only play if he lives in the back of a pick-up truck...

    I want a mini-game where you have to eat as much laundry off the line as possible before the owners get home.

    Such an accurate simulation of the life of a crime-goat.

    They had my money at the goat tower.

    I owned this exact goat. It is like they documented what that mongrel got up to. Amazingly accurate, seriously.

    Man those lawns need mowing. Lucky goat is there to save to day.

    Perfect opportunity for the devs to turn this into something for the public. The net chatter on this is pretty much saying like Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy, this wants to be a real game!

    My wife would love this, thanks to the new Pokemon game she has an obsession with goats.

    Any game that involves asshole physics is an instant hit with me. This is basically asshole physics The Game, but with Tony Hawk added for flavour. I want this so badly.

    If there is a sophisticated function that allows you to ingest a young human's educational paper, then I will purchase this game.

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