Good Game Is Coming Back, And It Has A Fancy New Logo

Good Game Is Coming Back, And It Has A Fancy New Logo

Good Game is back on Tuesday, February 18. It has a fancy new trailer and a fancy new logo. Fancy that. Looks like they’ve even changed the voice of the dude who says ‘GOOD GAME’ after each section.

Which is quite cool because, as far as I know, Good Game has always had that same logo, hasn’t it? It’s kind of strange to see the show being advertised with the new logo; the same way anything is strange when it gets redesigned.

Still, I like it. And I’m looking forward to the new season of Good Game.


  • Love Bajo, can’t stand “Hex”.

    I’d much prefer they hired a female who actually lives and breathes games. Bajo’s passion for games is infectious and it shows through his personality.

    • Nah, I disagree, I like Hex, not so much Bajo, I feel like that he gets annoying and is much too fidgety, but that’s like, my opinion man.

      • yeah, Bajo annoys me a little. decent enough show sometimes though. has always seemed a little weird being on T.V feels much more like a web show.

        • I too like Hex and really value and enjoy her contrasting opinion in reviews. I like Bajo for being picky and obsessive compulsive with his opinions and findings. They have an interesting chemistry, like the geek and the hot chick; all that being said I did originally miss the junglist.

          • If you go back and look at old episodes of that show – it’s much better that Hex is on it.

            Also it’s has to be noted the best thing to happen to this show in recent years is Dave Callan – fuck me he’s funny!

    • I’m not gonna white knight for her, but I have no idea why you think she doesn’t have a passion for games.

    • I think its good to have a mix – and she IS a pretty passionate gamer.. I think though a lot of people like myself felt pretty jilted when the ABC replaced @junglist simply for market share reasons.

    • I thought the same thing.
      I dislike when outlets hire pretty girls to read a teleprompter and pretend to be interested in games…… just seems so forced and fake.
      So when Hex first started on the show I was sceptical.

      However, Hex IS a big gamer, not just eye candy. Her opinions come from playing the games, not the writers.
      I think your issue with her has little to do with how much she loves gaming, simply because you ignore the fact she does

    • hex i think is just as pasionate about games as bajo, maybe not as twitchy as bajo but she is passionate.
      i think a lot of the hate twards her comes from the way junglist was kicked from the show, not her fault really.

    • Totally disagree, Hex is as much a gamer as Bajo, and she is far less annoying. I love the show, keeps me awake listening to it as a podcast.

    • How dare you talk about my beautiful future wife like that!!! Here that sound? Someone just opened a can….

    • Having met Hex in real life, I can quite safely say that I agree. Getting rid of Jeremy for her was a travesty. She does like games, but my god is she the most annoying person on television.

      • I am not sure how “having met her in real life” makes you any more qualified to make this kind of judgement. Can you elaborate?

        • I mean that it isn’t just the way she is scripted on the show, she’s genuinely GRRRRRRRL gamer in real life. Please note, I don’t mean that she doesn’t like games, and have no problem with her hosting the show with regards to her gaming credentials. She’s just so very ‘the cake is a lie xD’ that it’s hard to be around her or enjoy her screen presence.

  • Why does this logo change remind me of THQ?

    I have a bad feeling all of a sudden…

    (psst, don’t manufacture thousands of D.A.R.R.E.N. Peripherals, because above all, no one wants that shit in their house)

        • Yes, I recall seeing that it’s back on Saturday. I think that’s going to have more legs than the main show. There really seems to be a massive level of interest in that show from kids.

          • Spawn Point has more room for unscripted banter between the hosts which I think is one of the more appealing elements of the two shows. Good Game is a bit more tightly structured.

    • I don’t downvote peoples opinions, but that came close. :p I just can’t stand Darren.

      I don’t hate Hex, but I do miss Junglist.

  • I often think of GG as the reason Abbott and the Coalition should keep their grubby little hands off the ABC. The commercial networks have tried, and failed, to deliver gaming-focused shows in the past, but because the advertisers don’t ‘flock’ to this format, they fall flat.

    The ABC is the only network to have resourced and nurtured this show to the success it enjoys now. I’m pleased that they’ve found a few biscuits in the budget to get themselves a new logo.

    Welcome back, guys. 🙂

    • Like the game show that starred Erin McNaught? I can see why she was Miss Australia, could not understand why they thought she would look at all believable as a gamer when she struggled to even understand what she was reading.

      Or channel 9’s other offering hosted by Faustina “Fuzzy” Agolley. That show could not run itself in to the ground faster

  • Is there any way to watch this show without viewing it on Abc, I don’t even have my antenna hooked up to my tv.

  • “Let’s reboot”? I hope that means they are rebooting the whole show and making it more fun to watch. I stopped watching GG last year as I was getting a bit bored with it. I hope they living it up better.

  • I find the show way too “kiddy” with the robot and stuff. The reviews are great but the rest is just filler. Except for Hex, she’s gorgeous.

  • I am going to go out on a limb here and say I like Hex because I think she is pretty. Shoot me down in a ball of hate if you think I am being sexist. I don’t care.

    • Shoot you down? Nah, she’s gorgeous. The beauty is, she’s also a die hard gamer and is a perfect fit for the show. I love the combination of Hex and Bajo, it took me a while to warm to her, but once she got over the early show jitters, they’ve become a great pairing.

      • Yeah she’s pretty hot. I make a habit of not looking at the stuff she posts that gets thrown in my feeds from friends.

    • Eh, it’s the only representation gaming gets in the (relatively) mainstream media. I think we support it in theory because it’s kind of an institution now. Whether we consistently find the show entertaining is another issue.

  • This could easily turn into a whole “I don’t really like Hex, I wish they hadn’t got rid of Junglist” debate…Oh, wait, it already did.

    If she wasn’t into her games and knowledgeable on the subject then she wouldn’t have this job. I value her opinion and her important perspective on things. Being funny and informative, that’s all I ask of GG, and both of them deliver with aplomb.

      • Boot Up was a few years after The Zone. It was hosted by then PCPowerplay Magazine editor Ben Mansill and (if I remember rightly), focused on PC gaming.

        It lasted about 3 episodes.

  • Looks like the Rockband logo.

    And +1 for the show being better before they replaced @junglist

  • I have fallen off with good game. I find how they review games annoying and one sided and not fair to games. I get the whole PC master race stuff but if you claim to be a video game reviewer, you can’t look solely at one medium, otherwise you alienate a good part of your audience.

    • One sided? They often have radically different scores and opinions for the same game. It seems one of the more balanced review shows to me.

  • I’m going to miss “pffthpfpffrthpffrptptrthhffpptrthffthpth…good game.” That’s supposed to be the way the intro ends.

  • Haha, this is a really funny ad! Captures both of their personalities on the show as well. Can’t wait!

    Not sure how I feel about the new look. Will adapt to it over time, no doubt.

  • Haven’t watched a full episode since they axed Junglist, I can’t stand Bajo and Hex ended up being basically a female clone of Bajo, they’re both irritating as fuck and rarely have much of a different viewpoint about anything.

  • I honestly don’t like the show, or better yet the director, Ive had 2 dealings with them, once at Uni, and again at a studio I worked at.

    First at my uni, they did a piece about making games and started the segment with, “You don’t need math” and here’s me trying to explain to an artist how you can calculate the point that make up any primitive they needed to make! They then Interviewed mostly the females, which wouldn’t have been sexist, if they didn’t personally request for female students. Not to mention they completely short handed the programming side of making games, didn’t show any of the hard work that goes into gaming, just all the flashy pictures. That honestly rubbed a lot of us the wrong way.

    Fast forward 1-2 years later and they came to a studio I was working at, and the whole thing was really tacky, they asked such stupid questions, making what we do something completely different to what it actually was, implying it was the easiest job in the world and that we were privileged.

    The hosts were great, we spent a lot of times between takes and they are really down to earth. but the shows take on the gaming industry is appalling. I just wanted to share my experience.

    PS. I honestly didn’t think the show was this popular, not many people I knew watched it

  • Its become a bit of my Tuesday ritual to get home at 8, have dinner and watch Good Game. Glad its coming back.

  • Am I the only one around here who likes Level 3 so much more than GG? I’ve always felt GG was gaming for the masses, like it’s targeted at the kids who used to beat geeks up at school for playing game boy but now have consoles cause gaming is cool, whereas Level 3 is so much more personal feeling if you get what I mean.

  • Very subtle, Mark. Lets talk about the show that Jeremy Ray was fired from. I love you man, but… (flips desk).

  • They do I good job, and I appreciate the way Hex, Bajo and Goose (mainly Bajo) appear on the news to talk about the impact that gaming is having on entertainment media as a whole. I’d like to meet Goose in real life and chew the fat over a beer, go shoot a bow and arrow with Hex, and talk classics with Bajo.

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