GTA V Looks Pretty Good As A First-Person Game

GTA V Looks Pretty Good As A First-Person Game

Hey, look, more mods for the console versions of Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike the last one, however, this one is a little more practical.

It gives you a proper first-person viewpoint (not the static one already in the game) while controlling a vehicle. It doesn't look like it works while on foot (the camera switches out to third-person when the character gets out of the car at the end), but even if this only worked for aircraft, it'd be worth it.

A warning: you might want to mute the video. While we're on the subject, if you've got a YouTube channel, here's some free advice: stop so literally begging for subscribers. It's not a good look!

GTA 5 First Person View MOD! (AMAZING!!) [GTA5videos]


    I cannot wait for the PC release, I pick it up on PS3 but I found the world population to be too low and while the world was pretty you know it could be so much more.

      My opinion, if you can get it for PS3, id just get it. Besides the main missions and side missions there isnt really a lot to do outside the main plot. Graphics and lack of npc's dont interfere with the missions. The game is pretty amazing already.
      But yeah, PC version will be superior, but who knows when (if ever) that will come out...

        Besides the pc version of GTA4 (minus mods) was not much better than the console version and you needed a beast of a machine to run it at superior resolution and AA settings compared to the console game.

          Sorry I obviously miss-led I mean I already had it and found the areas especially online to by barren and boring. Would most certainly love the for the highways to be actual highways.

      I'm hearing you - I have it on ps3 and I can't get into it. I've been too spoiled with PC gaming and I find the draw distance around the character and the lack of AA really hard to play with. Graphical issues aside, the game seems good, but I find it hard to get into GTA games. I played Vice City and GTAIV through the main story, with some side missions, but outside of that I murdered red dead redemption and 100% that baby.

    Would it have been so hard for R* to just have made this a thing?

      Yes, way too hard. I just don't think they have the money or the resources.

      Side note: I'm still playing the game. I love it. But the car garaging save system is STILL atrocious. Even after the 'fix' I have lost numerous cars. Cars I've tuned and customized. And spent mega bucks on. I literally don't take cars out of my garages because there's a good chance they'll simply disappaear. Shame.

      Get your damn cars right R*.

        That sucks. I only ever play GTA Online, and have only had that issue once.

          I only just set up a GTA Online profile and played a couple of hours on Fridat night. Pretty fun. I haven't ever played much of any GTA multiplayer so it all feels a bit weird. Team deathmatch is damn hard for a noob. Hopefully I get into it because it certain is different from the norm.

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