Guy Steals $334,000 In Video Game, Earns $316 In Real World

Guy Steals $US334K In Video Game, Earns $US316 In Real World

Last week, indie game-maker Jason Rohrer launched a clever promotional campaign for his new game The Castle Doctrine in which he promised to give out real cash prizes to players depending on how much money they could steal in the game.

Today, Rohrer has announced the results of the competition. The top player stole $US333,952 of in-game cash during the duration of the competition, which translates to $US316 actual money. Like the other top players, he also got a physical print of a cool pixel-art painting and as top prize winner, he won Rohrer's own unused dog club.

The rest of the winners are listed at Rohrer's site. As for how Rohrer thinks the promotion played out?


    The hell is a dog club?

      A club used for hitting dogs :(

      "Own the club that started it all. A heartwarming souvenir from Las Cruces, New Mexico. (Note: was never actually used to club a dog.) Way safer than a gun! Much harder to commit suicide with. More compact than a golf club, which was actually the anti-dog tool of choice in Cruces. "

        I'm going to go out on a limb here then and say I'm not the only one that feels the need to ask why he owned one.

          because sometimes dogs attack you and your arms are weaker than the dog's teeth and jaw.

          Well now that it has been explained, my guess is it is for protection from aggressive stray dogs when he was in Mexico.

    "As for how Rohrer thinks the promotion played out?"

    I kinda feel like there should be something after this sentence.

      Yeah, I was kind of feeling left hanging there too.

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