Haha, The Need For Speed Movie Looks So Terrible Guys

If shitty FMV sequences from video games were still around, and had gotten more expensive while still being as inherently shitty, this what I'd expect them to look like.

It's a shame we get the advice "you might want to close your eyes for this" at the 1:15 point in the trailer, and not the 0:01 mark.


    A few of ther actors are questionable (not the breaking bad guy). Looks just as bad as fast and the furious movies though.

    Was there even a need to make this movie anyway? Oh yeah, $$

    I thought that fast and furious movie was the need for speed movie??

    As a guy who walks everywhere.......when are they going to make a movie about a group of renegade walkers who is infiltrated by an undercover cop to stop there underground walk racing?? Nike would fund it.......

      See who's the first to get to the finish line using public transport...

        They could set it in Victoria and get even more funding from the MYKI corporation......I have a basic script and some theoretical funding from Nike and the victorian government............let's get this made!!

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          You sell out. It used to be about the walking!

            I'm joining the sellout. James May and Richard Hammond can do the walking and public transport. Jeremy Clarkson can do the driving.

            its show business.........selling out is part of the game. Now if one of the walkers gets erectile disfunction and its cured by drinking cola i wonder who would pay more to have it be their brand.....pepsi or coke??

      Paul Walker would have been perfect for the role.

        I doubt they'd want to use somebody from the Fast and Furious franchise as it would create confusion... Or at least the Studio Execs think so.

      Not really. The Fast and Furious. came out before NFS Underground

    So is the entire movie just a hour and a half long ad for the Mustang?

    And on that note.


      Isn't he driving a vayron super sport for most of it?

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        Most of the recent promotional stuff for it I've seen has featured the Mustang front and center, guess we won't really know till the movie comes out so I can not see it.

    Here's the "problem" I have with these kind of things.

    What makes this movie "Need for Speed" as opposed to "Generic Racing Action Movie" (which it is)? Nothing. Is there some basic "Need-For-Speedness" that can translate from game to movie? Not ... really ... so anything that attempts to do so is automatically going to be crap.

    Why not try and make a good movie, with a good plot, and then if it works add the NFS name at the end. Of course that's never going to happen but I can dream.

      Because without the NFS brand behind it, it wouldn't get financed in the first place.

        Exactly the problem. The brand is more important than the film itself. The film will (likely) even be profitable, regardless of how good the movie itself is.

      Exactly what I thought; Need for Speed isn't exactly plot-heavy stuff and after watching this I realised that there really is nothing unique about Need for Speed games. Especially when EA has franchises like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Crisis and even Burnout to work with, it confuses me why they'd make a movie based on Need for Speed.

        Because it's easy. Any moviegoer can go watch a NFS film just fine, since like Fast and Furious it's all just bad acting and eye candy, but films based on some of their other properties would be made to be geared towards the gaming audience more than anyone. With this film they can market themselves to everyone and not try as hard.

    Didn't they already make a Need for Speed movie?…You know the line… "I feel the need…the need for speed". Erm, that was Top Gun. Hmmmm Well in that case, I'mm gonna need some speed to get through this movie.

      Won't speed make you pay more attention to this movie?

      Perhaps Valium, it'll still be a crap movie but you won't care.

    Would anyone really use a $2Mill Bugatti Veyron in an illegal street race, thus voiding any insurance coverage?
    Well, maybe Justin Bieber...

      Well in NFS Rivals it's implied all cars used for illegal racing are stolen, so yeah..

      clearly you have never seen this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NJmB1F2mdE

    It looks, to me, like they turned the last few NFS games into a movie... That looks pretty fucking rad. I might pay to see this one.

    I honestly don't think it looks that bad - what would you expect from a NFS movie? NFS is essentially an arcade game anyway, it's going to be a brainless fun ride. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    As usual, I'll reserve judgment until I've seen it. If it's terrible, I'll laugh at it then.

      Yeah, like or hate it this looks exactly like what I'd expect from a NFS movie.

    As someone who heavily criticized this from the moment it was announced, I have to say it doesn't look anywhere near as bad as I thought it would, and am surprised everyone else is hating on it after seeing this promo.
    I mean yeah, this film is unnecessary, and is a cash-in snooze job by Dreamworks & EA, but someone in there has put some actual work into it. The helicopter part was bs but I think we can afford all action films at least 1 pardon in this area.

    I do want to see more footage though before I consider helping refund their production expenses. I want to see proof that those cars were actually driving on the road near each other at high speed quite often.

    The overtaking scenes in Rush were terrible but there were multiple other bits where you saw some of the other cars very close to each other, I want to see a financial risk like that having been taken in the production of this film.


    Needs more El Niño.

      That would have really been something. The El Niño could have been given to him later in the film (hand built by x character) if the car he was using it totalled or impounded or w/e. Something they shouldn't show in the tv spot, surprises are good.

    Its look pretty good actually, still don't know why it's called "Need For Speed" though. They could of just called it anything and they still make a lot.

    I can't wait for an actor in the movie use the line "I need for speed." - and we all know that line IS coming.

    I think it was called "The Warriors".

    I think it'll be entertaining enough. Not going to the theater to see it but it'll be a mindless bit of fun for an evening.

    Yeah... well.. that's just like... your opinion man.

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