He Made Halo's Energy Sword, And It Looks Really Awkward To Use

He Made Halo's Energy Sword, and It Looks Really Awkward to Use

Master Chief makes it look easy, doesn't he? But it turns out that wielding the famous bladed Covenant weapon from the Xbox sci-fi FPS isn't all that graceful. Watch yourself, dude. You ain't no Spartan!

In the latest segment of the Man At Arms webseries, Tony Swatton and crew craft one of a video game weapon that's been requested a whole bunch since they started making fictional weapons real. It's a good-looking likeness, even without the plasma energy crackling all around it. But the thing looks wobbly in action and you'll see that the dude cutting stuff has to stabilise the sword while swinging it. Guess you need a cyborg or alien arm to really do it up right, huh?


    Well, it really need no weight past the handle, like a lightsaber.

    And it's a horrible likeness - you can tell by the youtube preview shot.

    Well the only real weight would be in the handle, so making actual blades with no counterweight would throw it off.

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      Yeah...just watching that gif I can see the metal blades moving as they stab forward which is something that well a energy blade is not going to do. The inclusion of weight without a counter-balance....that's going to throw it off immensely.

    So he heated it up and hammered it just for show.

      Nope, as he described, the piece of metal he used wasn't quite wide enough, so he hammered it out to make it bigger.

      But that's ok, just making comments disparaging someones work is easier than listening to the first 30 seconds of the video.

        Eh, I don't think I believe him. He has made hundreds of weapons and he cut the template too short? I don't think I believe that. But that's my opinion, I could be wrong, I usually am.

          He used a piece of steel that was too small in the first place, presumably because raw metal suppliers don't provide steel in handy plasma sword sized bars.

        just making comments disparaging someones work is easier than listening to the first 30 seconds of the video

        More fun, too

          Screw you guys I watched the entire video. The first 30 seconds is the intro anyway.

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