Hearts Melt When Evangelion Meets Puzzle & Dragons

Hearts Melt When Evangelion Meets Puzzle & Dragons

Crossing over with everything from Batman to Hello Kitty, mobile sensation Puzzle & Dragons has almost become more marketing machine that monster-collecting puzzle game. I don’t mind though, because look at how adorable Rei Anayami is. There’s more.

Starting 24 February, Puzzle & Dragons will be adding a special Rare Egg machine shaped like the EVA-01, which is a giant mechanical pretty thing for those of you not familiar with the Evangelion series of Japanese anime goodness. In that Rare Egg machine, players will find popular characters with special skills who look like this.

Also, this.

The release artwork probably won’t have SAMPLE written over it in large white letters. Unless that’s some sort of special Rebuild of Evangelion reference — I really need to catch up before the final movie hits in 2015.

So, Puzzle & Dragons. You can get it on iTunes and Google Play. Just don’t expect these things to show up until March. In the meantime, maybe you can print them out and hang — oh. Sample. Nevermind.


  • Rei… “Anayami”? 穴闇? That’s more amusing than it should be… her personality can be a bit of a 闇穴 at times…
    Edit: And, even in chibi form, she’s still creepy as hell.

  • I really hope Mike’s just being funny about the “Sample” text and isn’t actually clueless about watermarks and copyright protection… In other news, being about Evangelion, I was half expecting there to really be melting hearts.

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