A Look At Agent 47 In The Next Hitman Flick

Here's a look at Agent 47 as portrayed by Rupert Friend in the next Hitman flick, courtesy of a mole who leaked the pic to IGN.


    Not expecting this to be any better than average, but surely this guy can't be any worse than Paul Walker would have been *shudder*

      After watching the movie "Hours" I changed my mind on thinking Paul Walker was a crap actor. Guess it also comes down to the roles given.

    I would prefer the old agent 47 Timothy Olyphant. He is excellent in Justified

    Anyone bothered that Rupert Friend isn't bold enough?

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      Yeah, Olyphant was the main reason for me that the first Hitman movie didn't completely suck, and I agree he's excellent in Justified. That being said, Friend is really good in Homeland, and plays one of the less annoying characters.

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    Rupert needs to shave his head properly if he wants to look like 47.

    wtf happened to Timothy Olyphant?

    mm doesn't look right, maybe it will look better on screen but just something about it doesn't like 47

    Cool to see a pic from the set and I look forward to seeing it. I must say though that I did like Timothy Olyphant. The dude sure can act, he probably just doesnt have the stern face of Agent 47. But then again neither does this guy so I dunno.

    I'm still unsure why they never cast Agent 47 himself, David Bateson, in the role. It's kinda weird... not a big enough name maybe.

    Good grief, that's not 47. It's a guy with a red tie. He does not look like Hitman should.

    I remember originally I thought Olyphant looked too young to be 47. But to be honest, he DOES have the right 'sort' of look to him. Friend just doesn't have the same... right look.

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