Dayshot: Here's A Quite Unique Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Redesign

Here's a quite unique Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles redesign, made by DeviantART artist Ancorgil. They've all changed... a lot, especially Raphael. Now, something like "Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles" would fit a lot better.

TMNT by Ancorgil [DeviantART]

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    I haven't been following the TMNT reboot but I've seen a few images of the new costume designs and I actually think the ones shown here are much better.

    Much better than all the pictures I've seen from the new film...

      I dunno, the only thing I don't like so far, is the Turtles faces. They seem really off, but I'm going to need to see them in action. I quite like the distinct difference in their look. Leo as a traditional samurai fits with his personality, Raph as a scrapper, Mikey with his 'hoodie' looking belt and Don with his machinery. Personally I really dig the Shredder design. However, I still don't like that William Fichtner is playing him. It should have been Ken Watanabe.

        I just couldn't take my eyes off the lips, they are so weird.

          Indeed, their 'beaks' look way off. Something really draws your eyes to them in a bad way. Quite disturbing.

    I quite like this. But why is Donatello wearing Pool balls around his neck?

      In the old times in Japan, a necklace of this sort was worn by men, I can't remember the exact name of it, usually it was ornamental. Generally it was just a dark brown or light brown colour. However, there are stories about men wearing heavier ones they would use as weapons, to beat others to death with it.

      Last edited 01/02/14 8:05 pm

      I am mostly concerned about how out of shape he looks.

    This I would watch. I never liked the cheesy cartoony versions that we are all used to. But the only way this would be good is either a movie produced by a unique none crap director. That leaves all existing ones out. Or a series on amc produced by the guys who are doing the walking dead. Not the first into second season, we don't need that......,,

    How can something be 'quite unique'? Either it's one of a kind, or it isn't.

    I highly doubt Michelangelo would be the thinnest one of the four.

    What a bunch of gutbuckets... Apart from Michelangelo. Jebus.
    They look like rhinos.

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