Briefly: Here’s A Start-To-Finish Look At The First Mission In Thief

And we’re just 10 days away from its 25 February launch. Garrett’s trying to make his way back to his hideout during “Lockdown” when, well, opportunities arise, as they usually do.


  • I cant watch this video….I will ruin the first mission.
    This game could be so good yet be stuffed up so easily………Im scared to be honest. All I want is a one sentence review that goes somethin like this : I played the original and I think this reboot is good/bad.

    • Well I watched this video and based on that, my conclusion is that the game was clearly made by people who played and enjoyed the original games and were determined to recreate the ability to go through the game as a kleptomaniacal ghost.

      In the entire video there was one instance of violence which was completely avoidable and done for the sake of getting into a safe. Based on the target’s movements, I’d say it was ultimately unnecessary to thwack him but made it a hell of a lot more convenient.

      I’m not too thrilled about the eye highlight magic powery thing but I get the impression that its the kind of thing that’s turned off in the hardest difficulty and if not you can always just not use it. One thing I am a trifle disappointed with was there was one section where a guard was looking around a series of cases with stuff in, the player stole some stuff from them and when the guard came back to that spot again he didn’t seem to react. I thought maybe he muttered something different but the music was so fucking loud that I couldn’t make out words half the time. I don’t know if my hearing is going or if people are actually getting worse at mixing music in games (which I didn’t think was possible) but it’s getting more annoying in recent years. Fortunately there’s always the handy music volume slider to turn that distracting shit the fuck off.

      Ultimately the video made me think “Yeah, idiots all over the internet are going to be calling this a ripoff of Dishonoured”. I’ve gone from thinking I might get it one day to thinking I’m preordering it tomorrow from GMG when I get home from the dentist if I have $36 left, possibly even if I don’t.

  • They’ve certainly nailed the atmosphere and feel of the Thief game, and I was surprised to not see the guard react to the missing items from the display cases, but that’s a small concern. It’s definitely on my radar now.

      • Kewl, i find ozgameshop to be good value and service….i sometimes email them questions about the games and they seem answer quite well so clearly they have a few gamers working there.

        • That’s good to know. I have never purchased form them before. Bargain price for Thief and it includes the DLC. On a related note, I hope the game is a classy as mission one in the above video. Great vibe and feel to the game (so far).

  • Looks awesome. Played the originals. This looks good. I too was expecting the guard to notice the missing jeweled mask at least but perhaps that would have made it impossible to ghost. I wonder if you can hide bodies if you do knock out a guard, and if the other guards will notice they are missing? Pisses me off in AC how stupid the guards are.

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