Dayshot: Here's A Terrific Fallout 3 Illustration

Here's a terrific Fallout 3 illustration to overwhelm you with nostalgiaand impatience for a new title in the series. Digital artist Patrick Brown included lots of nice little references from the game, like the Nuka Cola Quantum in the bottom left corner, or the threatening Deathclaw in the background.

Fallout 3 by Patrick Brown [DeviantART]

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    That art style would actually be pretty cool to play in. I'm so keen for Fallout 4 and (off topic) red-dead redemption. I could really see these two game being a good mash-up. Well actually, I want the two separate games, but fallout to have radiated mounts or even some rusted vehicles. I love Rage for the FPS that it was, but if it was more like fallout (open world) and had vehicles and the awesome AI and animation (which Bethesda don't seem to know how to do) - also to me 'next-gen' which is now current-gen really, should be all about no load times - especially when entering buildings/caves/instances of any kind really.

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