Here's A Trailer For Space Pirates & Zombies Number Two

Space Pirates and Zombies, or SPAZ if you like your words combined into single letters, was a great little game from two-man UK developer Minmax. It did an excellent job of capturing that elusive Star Control II feel, while adding pirates and the undead to the equation. What's not to love, right? Turns out there was too much and Minmax has quietly been working away on a — just announced — sequel.

The game's description on Minmax's website paints a much bigger, more complex game. Good big. Good complex. Along with similar mechanics to the original — an upgradable mothership, scavenging ships and plonking all sorts of weapons and gadgets on them and surviving against the galactic undead — the developer is adding persistent AI "Captains", time-based events that occur regardless of your preparedness, physics-based ship building (so heavy ships will move and turn slower) and multiplayer, including a split-screen co-op mode (awesome).

While I never finished the first game — I got mighty close — I did enjoy my time with it. You know, ejecting my zombified crew into space... that sort of thing. By the sounds of it, the second game will address a lot of the issues with the original, while inject a whole lot of features and content that nicely complement the premise.

Count me in.

Space Pirates and Zombies [Minmax Games, via PC Gamer]


    Aw Yeah! Loved the original, will definitely pick this up on release.

    Wow, just one purchase for me :) especially seeing as I just discovered the first one! So coming up I'll be getting SPAZ2 and Star Citizen. Can't...

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