Here's What The New Mana Game Is About

Here's What the New Mana Game Is About

Square Enix announced the latest Mana game yesterday with a trailer for Rise of Mana . So what's the game about? I mean, aside from a tree.

The newly released trailer begins with the following narration:

It was a place called "heaven"

The side of light, Lasta, where the Great Tree grows, and the side of darkness, Darka, where the roots of the Great Tree tangle

A strange world divided into two sides

The angels of Lasta and the demons of Darka have battled for ages under the command of their masters, the lords of light and darkness.

And they continue to fight to this very moment.

That fact is all that matters.

In Rise of Mana, players will take the part of an angel and demon who have fallen to the mortal world by accident and have been forced to share one body in order to survive. Their adventure will take them across various fields where they will battle strange and powerful enemies from other realms as they seek to find a way home.

Here's What the New Mana Game Is About

Rise of Mana is a free-to-play action RPG for iOS and Android systems. The Android version is scheduled for release in Japan this year with the iOS version set for "soon." No word on an international release. Square Enix has also announced a soundtrack that will be available in Japan on 23 April 2014.

Rise of Mana [Square Enix]


    The thing is, on its own this game actually looks half decent.

    But in-game purchases are going to ruin it.

    Last edited 28/02/14 1:39 pm

    Rise of Mana is a free-to-play action RPG for iOS and Android systems.

    I was actually interested right up until here.

      Same here. While it's possible to have a FTP game where the microtransactions don't ruin the game, I've never seen Squeenix manage it.

      The angel/demon thing is a bit reminiscent of Beyond Divinity.

    Here's What The New Mana Game Is About.

    Money moneeyy. Money!

      It's not about any of MY money, I'll tell you that much right now.

        I think this "game" won't be seeing a lot of everybodys money.

    As a fan I can tell you I will not be playing this game. Free to play = insult.

    Give me a real Mana game Squenix, not this rape your wallet shit.

    Yep. I'm sick of Square-Enix screwing their loyal customers with this cheap mobile rubbish. It's been going on since FF4: The After Years, a completely unnecessary money-sink.

    Why dont you do sumthing right for a change Squareenix like release Vagrant Story and Xenogears to Steam, you know your good games that you havnt milked to death with crapy sequels.

    I would love Square-Enix licensed games to go back to pixel art.

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