Here's Your Full 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Trailer, Including A Gunfighting Space Racoon

The teaser is history: here's the full trailer for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy.

I think Marvel realised that funny superheroes are way better than straight-faced boring superheroes from days gone by. Hence the comedy angle in the trailer for the usually straight-faced Guardians Of The Galaxy.

What do you think?



      Yeah I don't know the Marvel universe and whether this is a part of it but.... Well, there's nothing I can really say... Wot Seconded....

        Yeah, it's part of the mainstream Marvel. They're usually in deep space away from Earth though, so not often that much of interactions between them and say, Iron Man, but it does happen.

          Well Ironman is actually part of the team in the latest GotG run. Plus they are strongly related to Thanos who will likely be the main villain of Avengers 3. I imagine we'll see a lot of interaction between these characters and the rest of the marvel cinematic universe by phase three.

        That could be a problem for this movie. I think it would be wise to make it clear in the marketing that this does indeed take place in the same universe as the Avengers, given that Avengers made roughly four zillion dollars and people seemed to like it. It might even pressure people to go see it just to keep up with the story so they can be fully prepared for Avengers 2, etc.

        This movie will be pretty good, and I want it to do well because if a superhero movie set entirely on wacky alien planets makes money, then they might make Planet Hulk. Which would be cool.

          "I think it would be wise to make it clear in the marketing that this does indeed take place in the same universe as the Avengers"

          If the movie can't stand on it's own and needs to be sold as "The Avengers: in space!" then it'd be a pretty shit movie, not to mention the outcry when they don't interact with said Avengers in the movie.

          There's no need to point it out, although I'd expect something linking it to Avengers after the credits.

            They'll link it using Thanos. No need for anything else.

            I'm sure the movie will be able to stand on its own, both critically and commercially. I'm not suggesting the marketing strategy should be to exclusively ride the Avengers' coattails. But from a business standpoint, there might just be a few bonus millions to be had by showing a glimpse of Thor or someone in the ad campaign.

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          isnt it sad that movies cant hold up on original Ideas anymore

          this reminds me a lot of fith element..I'd love another whacky sci fi movie like that...without all the marvel baggage

    I think the comedy angle was probably the best approach, I mean with rocket launcher wielding raccoon and a walking tree what choice did they have?

      Absolutely. I mean it's not like they're going for Dumb and Dumbers slapstick approach, just a generous pinch of funny with a hell of a lot of action, ala Avengers.

      There's alot of comedy in the source material anyway.

    Just looks amazing to me :D

    We've finally got something completely different in the Marvel universe! I'm absolutely thrilled for this :D

      By different I am guessing you mean film wise?
      This lot has been around since 2008. (late 60's if you count the original team)

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        Filmwise yeh. All the marvel films so far are set on earth or end up on earth, even thor 2 focused on earth eventually and shouldnt have... this is drastically widening the scope and Im eager to see how it goes :D

          I wish I could share your enthusiasm. Even though I have enjoyed marvel offerings of late compared to the rest of the childhood destroying crap that dribbles out of Hollywood, I am hoping they don't rest on the same style too much.
          This film seems to be well thought out though, a lesser known franchise and setting is a good base that will appeal to the coveted wider audience of all ages.

            Oh I absolutely agree. I was commenting to friends the other day, that Thor 2 disappointed me as it seemed very lazy. It was a *very* by the numbers movie. They could've done SO much with it, but instead went a highly predictable route.

            Cap 2 though to me, looks like something very interesting, it's got that secret agent feel to it, that actual adventure feel? To me it's got that feeling that Iron Man part 1 had years back, that it lost with subsequent sequels.

            I'm betting though, that Guardians is a flash in the pan unfortunately, that the other sequels end up being formulaic.

            This is why I guess I'm more excited for Batman Vs Superman than most of the Marvel movies that have been announced. Why? Because it's a Superhero vs/teamup movie. Sure we had The Avengers as a culmination movie, but this is a superhero discovering another superhero and going up against him at least for a part of it potentially. Yeah I'm a raging Batman fan but I'm also a huge Captain America fan as well as The Hulk. I seriously think the best thing Marvel should do now, to stave off boredom, for phase 3 and 4, is to start up with teamup movies. Hulk worked best when paired up and playing off RDJ, so do an Ironman and Hulk combo movie, with them going up against say, the REAL Mandarin (as announced in the HAIL TO THE KING short) and his ally, Fing Fang Foom and the Abomination, who's back and baying for the Hulks blood...

            I mean I know they won't do it, but they've got to start taking more risks...

    So it's not meant to be a comedy yeah?

      Yes and No.

      Just as much as the other Marvel movies are.

    The tone of the trailer is perfect.
    Marvel/Disney are doing great work with their Avengers franchise.

    Interesting to see The Collector (Seen at the end of Thor Dark World) in the trailer. Looking forward to this.

    "Blam! I Murdered you!"

    Somehow I think Rocket will need a new catchphrase for the movie....

      I don't know he looks pretty rough in the trailer, maybe he'll just say it once for the fans?

    I know nothing of GOTG but have been seeing the hype for this movie growing over the past 12 months from those in the know and fans of the source material.
    I'm interested in it because its more sci-fi with crazy ass aliens etc. We need more of this.

    Mm gah cha ka Mm gah cha ka Mm gah cha ka "What a bunch of A holes..."

    Hrmmm, so this is what they've come up with huh? Don't really know what to say...

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