Hey, You Got Your BioShock In My Team Fortress 2

Hey, You Got Your BioShock In My Team Fortress 2

These two series released within months of each other in 2007. Six years later, PC gamers with a BioShock Infinite season pass will get a bunch of special items inside TF2. For example, that Big Daddy dolly in Engineer’s belt. Two great tastes that go great together!

BioShock-themed Team Fortress 2 items [Irrational Games]


  • Downside – they look awful. The Bioshock promos (like the ones released back with Infinite, so this isn’t new, Owen) are pretty unpopular in TF2.

    • I think you misunderstand: this IS new. This a new set of items for the poor fools who actually bought the season pass.

      I think it’s nice of Valve, really. Suckers spent how much to get one single piece of DLC in the whole year, and that only lasted what 2 hours? Some cosmetics just for them certainly won’t quell the rage, but it might sooth it slightly.

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