How I 3DS

How I 3DS

The 3DS turns three years old today. This is how I've used the thing.

I take it with me to work every day.

How I 3DS

I use a 32GB card, so I can hold all of this in one system, which is insane:

How I 3DS
How I 3DS

That's right. Two Mario RPGs, a Pokémon, Animal Crossing, the new Phoenix Wright, two 3DS Professor Laytons, Monster Hunter, three Picross games, Zelda, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, some oddball download-only 3DS games, a slew of my DSiWare favourites, GBA games, GameBoy games and more... all on one device (legally!)

How I 3DS
How I 3DS
How I 3DS

I play this system more than I do any other.

How I 3DS
How I 3DS
How I 3DS
How I 3DS

I'm Streetpassing as best I can! I love those StreetPass games.

How I 3DS
How I 3DS
How I 3DS

And, for the record... a little above halfway is where it's at.

How I 3DS

How about you? What's your 3DS life in pictures?


    I wish my phone had that same kind of stats available, only just picked up a 3DS, but my daughter has stolen it to play Zelda so I haven't seen it since :(

    Sorry to be a noob, but how do you get the games onto the card? Do you have to purchase them electronically?

      Yes, which I imagine is a perk of being the editor of a large gaming website - either free download codes or work pays for them anyway. Still, electronically having them on your 3DS at all times is remarkably better, it saves switching cards all the time/

    do people find any streetpass benefit outside the US? I kind of figured I'm not likely to pass anyone on my way to work in Sydney and so leave it switched off in favour of battery life... Also i have my 3D slider a little more above half way :)

      You're missing out. I'm in Brisbane and I get about five or six a day when I go into the city (which isn't every day) but I also get a few on my commute, generally when passing other busses or bus stops.

        Oh ok wow - how much difference does leaving device on with wifi make to battery life?

          Im the same in brissy i get about 3-5 a day, streetpass uses almost no battery life so you will be fine (3DS XL)

          @batguy Man while in japan i was averaging 60 a day, i even managed to get the 100 street passes in 1 day achievement. that fully made my day.

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            Last time I was in Japan was 2008, which was pre-3DS. Definitely keen to go back. Was really disappointed in the uptake in San Francisco when I was there in 2012, though. Maybe 20 over the 3 weeks, including commuting each day AND 3 visits to the IGN office! Found out in chats with editors afterwards that they have a "day care" corner where I could have streetpassed the lot of them. Ah well.

            PAX was the killer, though. I now have about 1000 unique people in my plaza and 90% are from that weekend.

              Yeah Japan has a few of those dedicated streetpass corners, in Akihabara there is one next to the station at the base of the Yodaboshi, i have a photo of a guy using 3 x 3ds's at the same time, there was even a guy who sat down and pulled out 5, but only used them 1 at a time lol.
              I went to japan with 450 odd unique people, came back with 1400+.

          I usually play my 3DS for an hour a day & the battery life will typically go for 2-3 days of this activity from a full charge to almost empty with the in-between time being on standby (lid shut)

        Brisbane is still my record haul for a non-PAX day. 21 in a few hours in Queen St Mall and surrounds. Including 2 while I had a nap on a park bench!

      I work in Sydney (york st) and i get about 5-6 a day sometimes a lot more sometimes a little less.

      there are more people than you realise with a 3DS

      I don't get 5-6 a day like above, given that I don't go through the main CBD (just catch the bus to Wynyard then walk towards King St Wharf) but I still average 1 per day.

      I have also encountered people playing them who didn't give out a streetpass hit - you may well have been one of them!

      In short, leave your wifi on and you may be pleasantly surprised!

      do you guys ever turn the device off or always just top up charge?

        I charge it every night if I think about it, but it still usually lasts two days if I play it to and from work and forget one night.

          hmm interesting - i've still only got link between worlds and only really play on the return trip so (still 45mins) so maybe wouldn't be too bad.

          This, I play for an hour on the train to work and an hour home with wifi on and i barely take about a quarter of the battery off. the rest of the time i just have the shell closed and you can still get streetpass hits.

      Investigate streetpass relay/homepass/whatever it's called now.

      I've got a Raspi doing a random streetpass relay every 30 minutes at home so I usually get 30-40/day if I go to the effort of actually clearing them out regularly :)

      Streetpass is awesome, I love collecting puzzle pieces and seeing what other people are playing. I'm in Sydney, and I can usually get 3-5 per day. I think leaving it on doesn't affect the battery that much at all. BTW my Mii says "I AM ERROR" if anyone's ever encountered me...

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      I work just up from Wynyard station. I get 3-6 a day. It's awesome.

      I have a 3DSXL and I've never found battery problems. My light level stays pretty much always at 3, I have the 3D on or off depending on the game and whether I'm on the train etc. Just charge it like a smartphone and you'll never have an issue.

      Get home of an evening and throw it on the charger. Going out in 30 minutes? Give it a quick juice while you get ready.

        Ok so seemingly a few of us at least work near wynyard! Def leaving mine on tomorrow :)

          My Mii name is Pokedad?! I'm currently wearing a Tanuki suit.

    I TOO can makes fonts Slightly DIFFERENT within an article to annoy the shit Out of my


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      You mean you too can accurately follow grammar rules when writing the names of titles?

    Wow, 30hrs on eShop. I don't know what to think anymore.

    also e-shop, since i came to the 3DS party so late (link between worlds bundle) i kind of figure I won't have it for that long and if/when time comes to sell on ebay - eshop titles are no help so i've steered clear so far.

      i reckon the 3DS has good a long life ahead of it still. at least a few years yet.

      DS came out in 2004. It got a good 10 years of life before it was overtaken by a successor. Not to mention that now Nintendo are fixing the nightmare that is their online ID system, you'll probably have most games be playable by signing in with your account on the next system you buy.

    Im in brisbane and i've recieved hits IN MY LOUNGEROOM on two separate occasions. The street is easily 20 feet from that point. Weird.
    You get hits in shopping centres, I've found chermside the best. Queen St Mall will get u plenty pretty quickly.

      Damn I work on Queenstreet and never bring my 3DS with me, maybe thats time to change.

      Also Ambassedors program was awesome at starting my game collection on my 3DS - since then I have also purchased a few digital download games plus Super Mario 3D/Pokemon X&Y makes the device seem always practical having virtual console with a library of games on it too.

    Street pass? What are the benefits?

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