How Many Game Commercials Have You Seen With A Health Warning?

How Many Game Commercials Have You Seen With A Health Warning?

Be aware that this ad for the latest Harvest Moon game might make you barfy. Veterinary physician Nobuyuki Kanemaki from Azabu University consulted on the ad, and a configuration of six Go-Pro cameras were used to pull off the full 360-degree view.

The clip, which is promoting Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi, carries the following warning:

This video contains special footage that reproduces the field of view of various animals. These visuals may cause discomfort in some viewers. Small children and viewers who are easily susceptible to motion sickness or similar ailments should take caution when viewing.

I’m not sure if this is the first video game ad with a warning like this. Feel free to name others should you know any!

And if you don’t get motion sick easily, watch the online commercial below:

Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi will be out on the 3DS later this month in Japan.

Human vs Animals ~The amazing eyes of animal~[Inc. MarvelousAQL@YouTube]


  • Holy crap! Do rabbits really have an FOV of 355°? That’s insane, hurts my head even thinking about how that works, or how the brain would process it.

    • most grazing antelope have near 360 degree vision so nothing sneaks up on em, pretty sure chameleons have 360 view, I always wanted someone to implement this into games, maybe someone can use the occulus rift to break our brains by giving us 360 degree vision.

  • Pretty much any animal that is non-predatory has a really wide field of view. Humans are hunters, not hunted. So we have a pretty narrow viewing field. Same for cats, dogs, bears, etc.

    • Birds of prey? Crocodiles? Hell, even the extra 50 degrees of cats and dogs is a massive difference.

      • We are at the top of the heap, so our vision is particularly narrow.

        We also have a shitty sense of hearing and smell. We are so damn good at killing shit that all our survival tools just weren’t really needed anymore.

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