How Much Gaming History Does $50,000 Get?

How Much Gaming History Does $50,000 Get?

This much. Actually, a bit more. They couldn’t fit everything on one photo.

Over at ebay, Grithiffth’s Games Megamart is selling what they call the “Ultimate Nintendo World Championships 1990 Collection”. This includes:

  • NWC 1990 Grey Cart #305
  • NWC 1990 Denver 11 & Under Trophy
  • NWC 1990 Denver 11 & Under Nameplate/Plaque
  • Certificate of Authenticity (including photos from the previous point of sale)
  • NWC 1990 Event Poster
  • NWC 1990 Yellow Semi-Finalist Shirt
  • NWC 1990 Semi-Finalist Badge
  • NWC 1990 VIP TC (Travel Companion) Badge
  • NWC 1990 VIP Guest Badge
  • NWC 1990 Quarter Finalist Gold Sticker
  • NWC 1990 Ticket — Portland
  • NWC 1990 Ticket — Oakland
  • NWC 1990 Folder
  • NWC 1990 Flyer
  • NWC 1990 White “I Mastered Them All” Shirt
  • NWC 1990 Black Hat
  • NWC 1990 Insider’s Guide
  • Powerfest 1990 Guide
  • The Wizard Pocket Power Guide
  • One (1) Large Plush Mario Doll
  • One (1) Small Plush Mario Doll
  • Two (2) Small Plush Luigi Dolls

The Nintendo World Championships Cart might sound familiar; indeed, we have seen a few of those up for auction already. But this seems like the motherlode.

The asking price is $US50,000 for the whole lot. Eccentric millionaires or CEOs with fond memories of childhood gaming, this one’s for you.

The Ultimate NWC Collection [Ebay — thanks Jose!]


  • That’s actually a pretty cool set. And the cart itself is in really awesome condition too.

    If money were no object, hey 😛

    Edit: Actually… a bit concerning that the EPROMs have their little windows exposed like that in the photos. Even the last one had them still covered up with stickers.

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